Unsafe Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions in Chicago

Responsible drivers understand that they must adjust their driving when adverse or inclement weather comes along. Unfortunately, not every driver takes precautions. In fact, many reckless driving accidents are the result of unsafe driving in adverse weather conditions. These accidents sadly involve innocent Chicago drivers like you, increasing your risk of sustaining serious injuries and high financial costs for medical care and repairs. However, the car accident attorneys at the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.A., help accident victims fight for justice and compensation if a reckless driver causes them injury or expense, and we may also work on your behalf.

Dangers of Adverse Weather

Adverse weather takes many forms: heavy rain, sleet, wind, snow, ice, etc. In every case, however, these conditions often cause drivers to:

  • Experience visibility limitations
  • Slide on roadways
  • Become anxious / erratic
  • Be unable to stop suddenly if the need arises
  • Be unable to make turns well

All of these consequences of adverse weather can affect drivers who are attempting to operate their vehicles safely—when drivers are blatantly disregarding safety, therefore, accidents have an even higher likelihood of occurring. You may be able to fight back against reckless drivers who cause accidents, however, after consulting with an experienced attorney in Chicago.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago

Of course, you cannot get compensation from the weather for an accident; however, if the driver who caused your accident drove dangerously in unsafe weather, then you may be entitled to receive financial compensation from that person. The personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers at the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, P.A., can help you understand your legal options after a reckless driver involves you in an accident. Contact our offices in Chicago today by calling to learn more.