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Is Asthma Considered For Disability Benefits?

People with asthma can have difficulty breathing properly because of abnormal contractions of the bronchial tubes. Symptoms of this disorder include chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, and having shortness of breath. A lot of sources can trigger an asthma attack, too, including irritants in the air, allergies, cold air, exercise and cold viruses. Even emotional upsets can bring about an asthma attack, and some attacks occur without an apparent reason.

Though medication can often be used to treat asthma, some patients experience episodes that are disabling, despite having undergone treatment. These instances are rare, but they can make it impossible for an individual to maintain full-time employment. If you are experiencing asthma in Illinois, a Chicago disability lawyer will be able to help you determine if you can maintain disability benefits from the SSA.

Can I Qualify For Disability Due to Asthma?

The SSE (Social Security Administration) will, when deciding if you are eligible to collect disability benefits due to asthma, check first to make sure that you are not earning more than $1090 per month. They will also make sure that your inability to work because of asthma lasts for 12 months or more. The SSA will see if your symptoms match their official asthma disability listing after you pass these initial tests for screening.

Meeting Asthma Disability Requirements

If you can meet all the criteria the SSA establishes for asthma, your disability benefits claim will automatically be approved. These requirements include first being diagnosed with chronic asthma, then at least fulfilling one of these conditions:

  • You must have frequent asthma attacks that last one day minimum and necessitate medical attention like extended breathing treatments or I.V. medication that is provided in an ER, medical facility or hospital. To qualify, your attacks must persist despite you being supervised by a doctor while complying with treatments. Additionally, they must occur six times a year or every other month at minimum, and you must have a physician evaluate your condition consistently for 12 months in order to establish how often the attacks occur for the SSA’s record. OR
  • You must experience chronic asthmatic bronchitis, with the same level of forced expiratory volume (FEV1) that is required for qualification for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

Gathering Proper Medical Evidence

You will have to undergo a spirometry test in order to prove that you have chronic asthmatic bronchitis and meet the listing requirements for asthma. This kind of test measures how much air you breathe both in and out and the rate at which you breathe. The disability requirements stipulate that you must measure how much air you are able to force out in one second. You will also need to prove to the SSA that you have been experiencing the required symptoms for 12 consecutive months, via medical records showing hospitalizations, treatments you received and testimony from your doctor in regards to your compliance towards treatment for asthma.

Find A Chicago Disability Lawyer

If you experience asthma and think you could qualify for disability benefits, an experienced Chicago disability lawyer will help you navigate how to proceed. Contact Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers today to start on the path towards the benefits you deserve.

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