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Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

If you own a motorcycle, you know how much fun they can be to ride. You can see many riders throughout the area on a daily basis. That said, on occasion, there can be problems, especially when they come in the form of accidents. On average, the frequency rate of motorcycle accidents are on par with collisions involving other types of vehicles. However, a motorcycle is more likely to lead to injuries, and in some cases even death. A 2006 study from the federal government showed that there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycles when compared to automobiles. In this article, you can examine what factors play on these accidents as well as show how a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer can help.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

A vehicle accident can happen for any number of reasons. This is especially true for motorcycles. Here are some of the main factors that go into bike accidents as cited by officers:

  • Head-On Collisions: The most common reason for fatalities that come from a motorcycle accident, these types of crashes are responsible for 56% of deaths. Typically, these are due to a car that collided with a bike from the front; only around 5% of crashes are of the rear-collision variety. On average, they are the most fatal kinds of accidents for motorcycle riders.
  • Left Turns From Opposing Cars: These kinds of wrecks account for 42% of bike accidents. Usually, these happen when a turning car crashes into a motorcycle due to the bike either overtaking or passing the car, or riding past an intersection. Most cases see this accident happen between two cars, as the smaller size of a motorcycle makes them more difficult to see in a car’s blind spot. Many of these accidents will see the car driver at fault, though the cyclist can be responsible if they violate traffic rules such as driving in the wrong lane or speeding.
  • Lane Splitting: This happens when a biker tries to navigate through two lanes of cars that are stopped or at slow speed, like in heavy traffic. When these wrecks occur, they are mainly due to reduced space on the part of the motorcycle rider, in addition to car drivers not expecting to be passed by a bike in lower speed driving situations.
  • Alcohol Use: Motorcycle riders that are drinking while riding are responsible for about 50% of single vehicle bike accidents. Moreso, they are also the most likely to cause injury or death since bikes offer more limited protection than cars.
  • Collision With Stationary Objects: About a quarter of motorcycle deaths are due to a collision with a fixed object on the road. This number is reduced to 18% for an identical car crash.
  • Road Hazards: Motorcycles do not have the similar protection systems as a car, meaning there is an increased danger for bikers with hazardous driving conditions including slick roads, debris, and potholes.
  • Sports Motorcycles: Many manufacturers offer a line of higher performance bikes, known for reaching speeds as high as 160 mph. Even though they are sold as much as typical motorcycles, the rate of death is usually higher for these sport or supersport models.

Help From A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

The best way for current or future motorcycle owners to avoid potential dangers with their bike is to learn and follow the basic motorcycle rules from their area. If an accident does occur, it’s best to have a professional law firm that can provide the best representation. At the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have over 30 years handling cases for bikers throughout Chicago. To learn more, call our office at 888-619-1788 or visit us online

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