6 Ways You and Your Child Can Prevent Bullying

Nobody likes a bully. Unfortunately, millions of children in schools throughout the country are victims of bullying at school each day. While bullying takes many forms, the end result is the same. Children who are bullied are more likely to suffer more physical ailments, emotional problems, and school difficulties than their peers. The pressures of being bullied cause many young people to dread going to school, and many of them skip school and cut classes to avoid being bullied.

Bullying leaves lasting emotional scars, and can result in episodes of violent behavior. Injuries caused by school bullies can be serious and potentially life threatening. October is Bullying Prevention Month in Florida and throughout the country, and in the hopes of preventing the harmful effects of bullying from affecting your child, we have assembled a list of six ways you and your child can prevent bullying at school.

  1. Know the facts.

    The statistics on bullying are alarming. According to the anti-bullying group DoSomething.org, more 3.2 million children are victims of bullying each year. Approximately 160,000 students skip classes each day because of bullying, and 1 in 10 students drop out of school cas the result of being bullied.

  2. Understand the causes.

    According to the website NoBullying.com, bullies use their physical strength, popularity, or access to embarrassing or private information to cause harm to others. The causes of bullying vary, but the bully may come from a dysfunctional family or may have problems regulating emotions. Bullies often feel a need to be in control, and their behavior is rewarded in terms of taking the property of others, such as lunch money or personal items, or being known-and feared-among their peers.

  3. Do not underestimate the potential for physical harm.

    Bullying can result in serious harm for the victim. School shootings, sexual assaults, poisonings, and lynching have all been reported in relation to school bullying. A 2009 case involving a Florida boy set on fire by a group of bullies shocked the nation with its brutality. While the boy has recovered, he has burns over 65 percent of his body. The bullies who committed this crime had been making threats for weeks. Do not underestimate the potential for physical violence when it comes to bullying.

  4. Raise awareness of the damaging emotional effects.

    In addition to actual physical harm, bullying causes severe emotional and psychological trauma to victims. Children who have been bullied may suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders, learning difficulties, and speech impediments.

  5. Support efforts at preventing bullying in your school.

    Schools that turn a blind eye to bully can be held as negligent when a child is harmed. The National Bullying Prevention Center advises parents to help raise awareness of bullying in schools and offers an anti-bullying classroom kit with material appropriate for grades K-12. The kit contains posters, ideas for discussion, handouts and stickers designed to get children talking about bullying and to develop scenarios for both dealing with bullying and preventing it from occurring in the first place.

  6. Empower your children to make a difference.

    Remind your child that they are not alone in having to face or deal with bullying. If they are bullied themselves, remind them that they are not alone, and to seek the help of both you and their teachers in putting a stop to it. If they see bullying happening to another child, report it to an adult to once. Encourage them to be an everyday hero in the efforts to end bullying.

Has Your Child Sustained Injuries at School due to School Negligence?

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