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What to Do If You’re Denied Social Security Disability

Many people across the nation rely on Social Security payments to make ends meet and keep (or regain) control of their lives after a debilitating accident. When you’re hurt and you can’t work, while medical bills keep piling up, it’s beyond stressful. It’s terrifying. It gets even worse when you apply for Social Security benefits [...]

5 Reasons Why You Can Be Denied Disability Benefits

When you’re applying for Social Security disability benefits following an injury, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure that your application is approved. Many people don’t realize exactly how many reasons there are for an application to be denied, leaving some unprepared for the possibility that they won’t receive their needed benefits. [...]

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Will Parkinson’s Disease Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Since Parkinson’s Disease, also known as PD or Parkinsonian Syndrome, is a motor system disorder, it mainly affects a person’s movement. The most well-known symptoms of PD are tremors, but there are lesser-known symptoms that are associated with the disorder as well: impaired coordination, stiffness, changes in speech, and dementia in later stages. It is [...]

Is Asthma Considered For Disability Benefits?

People with asthma can have difficulty breathing properly because of abnormal contractions of the bronchial tubes. Symptoms of this disorder include chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, and having shortness of breath. A lot of sources can trigger an asthma attack, too, including irritants in the air, allergies, cold air, exercise and cold viruses. Even emotional upsets [...]

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Can Stroke Victims Apply For Social Security Disability?

Strokes are caused by a blood vessel either being blocked or rupturing in the brain. Either of these occurrences result in a dramatic reduction of blood flow to the brain, often causing serious injury. Although many people can recover from a stroke, others suffer lifelong impairment and may have significant difficulty with their vision, communication [...]

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Can You Get Social Security Disability For Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a nervous system impairment that causes sleep related symptoms. People with narcolepsy may have trouble staying awake during the day, often requiring sleep every few hours. They can also fall asleep without warning, potentially putting themselves and others in danger. Narcoleptics may also experience hallucinations, paralysis while waking up or a sudden loss [...]

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Can You Collect Social Security If You’re Not a Citizen?

Social Security provides monetary assistance to U.S. citizens who are retired, unemployed, receive inadequate income or are disabled. If you are an immigrant that needs to receive SSDI benefits, you will need to be familiar with SSI law and qualifications. You should also hire a social security lawyer to make sure the process is handled [...]

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Is There a Waiting Period for Social Security Disability?

If you're interested in receiving social security disability benefits, you will need to file a claim with the Social Security Administration. Once they have reviewed your case, they will determine your eligibility. If you get approved, you will be entered into the system to start receiving benefits. The entire process can be time consuming to [...]

How Long Do I Have to Work to Be Eligible for SSDI?

Were you injured and are now unable to work? You might be able to receive assistance from Social Security disability insurance. Here’s what you need to know about SSDI, and how a social security disability attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve. What is SSDI and How is it Different from SSI? SSDI [...]

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How Do Disability Benefits Work for the Self-Employed?

So you’re self-employed, managing a disability and unsure of what to do next. You might be wondering how you can receive assistance, and the good news is that you most likely qualify for Social Security disability insurance. However, the application process can be difficult, and if you do end up receiving benefits, there are rules [...]

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