Workers’ Compensation and Pre-Injury Work

Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Work-related injuries can make life incredibly difficult. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be out of work for weeks or months. In more extreme cases, if your work injuries were severe, you may not be able to return to your old job because you are unable to perform the same tasks. This could mean that you:

  1. Can still work at the same company but you need to work in a different area of the company with lighter demands.
  2. Must find work elsewhere if your old company is no longer able to provide you with a job that is necessary for your new physical abilities. 
  3. Have injuries so severe from your work-related accident that you are no longer able to work at all anymore. 

What are your options? 

When your injuries are not as serious, your doctor will likely want to talk with you about returning to work with modified job duties. This typically means that your doctor is allowing you to go back to work but you will have certain restrictions. You may be placed on desk duty or may be required to do more paperwork than usual so that you can transition back into work without the heavy difficult physical demands. Your doctor may also request that you return to work while you are recovering by working in a different role. 

What if I am unable to work the same job altogether?  

As a lawyer, like a workers’ comp lawyer from a law office like Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy, LLP know, there are some workplace accidents that leave you so injured you are completely unable to return to your old job. For many people, this can be devastating. In some instances, you may be able to accept a different job at the same company or you might be eligible for worker wage loss compensation. This can help make up the difference between what you were getting paid and what you are getting paid now if you are making less money. 

My employer wants to fire me. What can I do? 

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim and believe that your employer wants to fire you as a direct result of filing this claim, you should seek help from a lawyer as soon as possible. This is considered workplace retaliation and is illegal. If you need more help with your workers’ compensation claim or help with work-related injuries, give a local lawyer a call now. 

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