Will County Prescription Drug Errors Lawyer

Taking any medication could be a risky proposition if done irresponsibly. Over-the-counter medications may cause severe problems if a patient is allergic to some part of its chemical composition, or if the drugs interact with other substances.

It is the responsibility of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to limit the risk of these drug injuries. A failure to perform this duty to protect their patients could result in a myriad of injuries that may require extensive medical treatment, may force a person to miss significant time at work, and might cause plaintiffs to endure intense pain and suffering. It may also be an example of medical malpractice that a medical malpractice attorney could help resolve.

A Will County prescription drug errors lawyer could work with you to demonstrate mistakes by healthcare providers and seek appropriate financial restitution. In the process, a well-practiced medical malpractice attorney could help to locate qualified medical experts who could prove vital to the success of your case in court.

Causes for Prescription Drug Errors

The prescribing and administration of any prescription medication should be done with the utmost care. Even if properly used, prescription medications often come with side effects that Will County patients are recommended to discuss with their doctors prior to starting treatment with the drug.

While many of these side effects are known and accepted, others may come about from improper use of the medication. If a doctor prescribes a drug after incorrectly diagnosing a patient with a condition, that doctor’s careless actions might cause irreparable harm.

A doctor should check a patient’s entire medical history before prescribing a drug. If a patient is in the process of taking other medications or has a note in their file that they may be allergic to a certain class of drug, the doctor should rule that medication out as a viable treatment option.

The actual administration of the medication is another chance for prescription drug error. Most drugs should be administered on a strict schedule or through a certain part of the body. A failure to follow these guidelines could cause adverse effects ranging from uncontrollable bleeding, to a loss of consciousness, to an infection at the administration site.

When is a Medical Provider Responsible for an Injury?

Medical professionals always maintain a duty to protect their patients. This could include the duty to ensure that the administration of any prescription is accurate and properly monitored. A competent doctor should check a patient’s medical records for any medicine allergies before administering the drug.

A plaintiff cannot bring a case to court simply by stating that they believe that malpractice has occurred. Injured persons are recommended to seek assistance from a qualified prescription drug errors attorney in Will County and also rely upon the analysis and testimony of a medical expert.

This expert could examine relevant medical records and compare the steps taken by the defendant provider against accepted medical procedures. The medical expert may be able to testify in court as to how the defendant doctor is at fault. 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/2-622 dictates that an expert must initially come to this conclusion for a case to get to court. A skilled personal injury attorney could help a person locate an appropriate medical expert for their case.

How a Will County Prescription Drug Errors Attorney Could Help

Errors involving prescription drugs are quite common and may result in long-lasting, severe injuries. If these errors come about from a doctor, a dentist, or a nurse acting negligently, you may have the right to collect compensation for your losses.

Proving fault in these cases may be notoriously difficult. Plaintiffs must rely upon the analysis and testimony of an expert witness to prove their case in court. Plaintiffs must work with these experts before even taking their case to court.

A Will County prescription drug errors lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer could help you with every stage of the process. This could include gathering the relevant evidence, locating and hiring a qualified expert, and representing your rights in settlement talks and in court. Call today to schedule a consultation.