Whistleblower and Legal Rights

Protect your legal rights 

When you report illegal activity in the workplace, it is crucial to know your legal rights and how you can protect yourself. 

Legal Services a Whistleblower Can Provide

For workers who notice wrongful conduct or illegal business practices in the workplace, it can be stressful to know exactly what to do after discovering such information. A lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law can provide you with the guidance and information that you need to take the next steps forward. The following are legal services that they can provide you. 

Determine if you have a valid case

Whistleblower cases are complex because they often involve a variety of state and federal laws. Companies must follow many kinds of regulations and ensure that they are abiding by legal practices. Proving that they have committed violations can be challenging, and whistleblowers need to provide sufficient evidence. A lawyer can determine whether you have a legitimate claim and advise you on what to do next. They can protect your rights so that you can be protected as a whistleblower. 

Filing your claim

As a skilled whistleblower lawyer like one at Eric Siegel Law can explain, they can work on all the tasks related to your claim. It can be stressful to figure out what steps you should take if you have engaged in whistleblower activity, but a lawyer can provide the legal support that you need to go through your case without any issues. When you hire a whistleblower lawyer they can work on what needs to be completed prior to filing your claim, such as reviewing evidence, filling out paperwork, and other tasks. 

Legal guidance for retaliation 

It is unlawful for employers to take any kind of retaliation against a whistleblower. If you are concerned that your job is in jeopardy or that you will have a negative impact on your reputation, do not be worried. Your employer cannot take any kind of disciplinary action against you or make changes to your position that makes it more difficult for you to accomplish your work. You have a right to exercise your rights as a whistleblower. A whistleblower lawyer can ensure you that you will have the necessary protection against any threats of retaliation. 

Lawyers are there to explain to you your rights and preserve them. They understand how intimidating and difficult these types of cases are, so they will take the steps to guide you through them.  

To obtain more information about the benefits of hiring a whistleblower lawyer, contact our firm now and set up a consultation. 

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