Wheaton Truck Accident Lawyer

When a motor vehicle accident involves large trucks, the situation is often much worse than other forms of car accidents. There is a higher risk of serious injuries and even fatalities when large, heavy trucks are involved in the accident.

With the help of a skilled Wheaton truck accident lawyer, however, you could have assistance to successfully navigate the court system and work toward significant compensation for your damages. If you are injured in a truck accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today. En Español.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can occur in a variety of ways. Though there are strict federal laws that dictate how long a commercial driver can be behind the wheel, sometimes truck drivers operate with high fatigue while under pressure to deliver their freight as quickly as possible. In other cases, a truck driver may be distracted due to texting while driving or some other significant distraction. Roadways that are improperly maintained can also lead to a truck having difficult braking, which puts the driver at a higher risk for accidents.

A common issue unique to trucks that often causes accidents is a freight load that is either too heavy or not distributed optimally. When this happens, or when the cargo shifts unexpectedly, the truck driver may lose control of the vehicle.

By working with a skilled Wheaton truck accident attorney, an injured plaintiff could gather evidence of the accident’s cause and utilize it to prove fault on the part of the truck driver or another liable party.

Potential Sources of Liability

Truck accident cases can have several different defendants who are considered liable for the accident. The truck driver may be liable due to issues with their unsafe driving. The company for which the driver works can also be liable if they fail to properly train the driver or are not operating in accordance with federal trucking regulations.

Another party that could serve as a defendant and be liable for a truck accident is the manufacturer of a truck’s mechanical components, if parts that were manufactured with defects directly led to the accident. Figuring out which party or parties can be held liable for the accident is an important step toward receiving adequate compensation for damages.

Common Injuries in Truck Accident Cases

Unfortunately, truck accidents are not rare. In fact, a study conducted by the Illinois Department of Transportation found that more than 12,000 accidents involved large trucks in 2014. In addition to a high risk of death, other common injuries that stem from truck accidents include broken bones, brain trauma, injuries to the spinal cord, rupture or damage to internal organs, and paralysis in one or more limbs.

Such injuries can incur serious medical bills, and some require permanent care. These costs, along with the pain and suffering that the injured person endures, can be recovered from the at-fault driver. By compiling evidence of these injuries and their associated expenses, a truck accident lawyer in Wheaton could help increase the total compensation that an injured person may be eligible to receive.

Contacting a Wheaton Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a truck accident, you may be able to receive significant compensation for your damages. Contact a Wheaton truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to begin working toward the best possible result for your case.