Wheaton Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you are injured by slipping and falling on someone else’s property, local personal injury attorneys are available to help you seek compensation for your damages. While this monetary compensation cannot erase your injury, it could help you deal with the financial and personal consequences of a serious medical condition caused by someone else’s negligence. Contact an experienced Wheaton slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible so that you can begin going over the best strategies for your case.

What is the Definition of Negligence in Wheaton?

Slip and fall cases involve showing that the owner of the property was negligent in caring for that property, and that this negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s eventual injury. In the context of civil law, negligence means that the owner failed to exercise reasonable care; however, this can manifest in various ways.

Examples of negligence that could lead to a slip and fall accident may include a failure to warn visitors to the property of dangerous conditions the owner was aware of, failing to clear walkways of ice or snow, or failing to repair broken or dangerous walkways in a reasonable amount of time. Establishing negligence is a huge part of a slip and fall case, but it can be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the law to do so without a Wheaton slip and fall attorney’s assistance.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Before contacting a slip and fall lawyer in Wheaton, potential plaintiffs should ensure they have received appropriate medical care for their injuries. They should also notify the owner of the property about the injury as soon as possible to avoid allegations of fraud. If possible, the injured person should also try to take pictures of the accident location and get contact information from any possible witnesses. These steps can help their attorney have a solid base from which to start gathering evidence in the case.

The Value of a Dedicated Lawyer

In addition to compiling evidence of negligence by a property owner, an established attorney may be able to help clients in other ways. They could ensure that the paperwork necessary to file the claim is processed within the two-year statute of limitations for slip and fall claims. Also, they may be able to gather eyewitness testimony from other visitors to the property who saw the accident.

Another way that an experienced Wheaton slip and fall lawyer could help is by contacting expert witnesses and professionals who can testify to specific areas of the case. Examples include accident reconstructionists who could show how the incident occurred or what caused the fall, economists who could assign values to the victim’s damages, and medical practitioners who could discuss the impact of the person’s injuries and the cost of future medical care.

Contact a Wheaton Slip and Fall Attorney for Professional Assistance

If you are injured in a slip and fall incident, the best way to ensure that your rights are being protected could be to enlist the aid of a compassionate attorney. A skilled Wheaton slip and fall lawyer could work to prove the owner’s negligence, bring in expert witnesses to testify on your behalf, and ensure all relevant paperwork is filed well within the statute of limitations. After receiving medical care, contacting a good lawyer should be the next task on your to-do list.