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Wheaton Dog Bite Lawyer

In Wheaton, dog owners are responsible for any injuries suffered by innocent residents due to the aggressive nature of their dogs. The majority of dog attacks result in puncture wounds or lacerations from being bitten or scratched. Other injuries can result from the victim falling over during the incident, including head trauma, fractures, and even internal bleeding.

When a dog bite has occurred, it is not the dog that is held responsible under Illinois civil law, but the owner. Moreover, a dog owner cannot simply claim that they did not know that their pet was a danger to others, due to the way the state’s civil code addresses animal attacks.

Understanding your legal rights is the first step in seeking justice and accountability for a dog attack and the second is getting help from a qualified personal injury attorney. A knowledgeable Wheaton dog bite lawyer could help you stand up for your rights and pursue compensation for injuries sustained due to negligence or ill intention on the part of a dog owner.

Dog Bite Laws in Wheaton

According to the Illinois Animal Control Act, the owners of dogs and other animals are liable for injuries that are directly caused by their pets. Under this act, an owner is defined rather broadly as anyone who keeps or harbors a dog, as well as anyone who knowingly allow a dog to remain on the occupied property.

Wheaton emphasizes strict liability for injuries caused by dogs, which means the owner of a dog cannot argue that there was no warning for the animal’s aggression. If an animal injures an innocent bystander without provocation, the owner remains liable, even if there was no previous knowledge that the dog might act violently.

Additionally, Illinois’s dog bite law covers injuries caused by other animal behaviors such as jumping on a person and causing injury. In any of the aforementioned situations, a Wheaton dog bite attorney could help the victim of a dog attack seek compensation for their injuries.

Restricted Ownership of Dangerous Breeds

Illinois state law restricts the ownership of certain breeds of dogs. Specifically, the law focuses on certain breed categories such as pit bulls, as statistics show that pit bulls represent a majority of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If the attacking dog was a pit bull, not only may the victim be eligible to pursue compensation, but the owner may also suffer serious legal repercussions like hefty fines or even jail time.

Recovering Damages in Dog Bite Cases

A victim’s ability to recover from any injuries caused by someone else’s pet is highly dependent on the location where the bite occurred. In a majority of dog bite cases, a lawsuit could be brought against the dog owner, but in some cases, third parties may also be involved.

In addition to bodily injuries, victims may also be eligible to receive restitution for emotional harm and suffering such as anxiety, fear, and depression. A Wheaton dog bite lawyer could help potential plaintiffs identify if their injury meets the variety of legal criteria that would make them eligible to seek compensation for non-economic damages like these.

Seek Aggressive Advocacy from a Wheaton Dog Bite Attorney

The consequences of a dog bite can range from a simple puncture wound to a deep laceration that involves treatment and possibly surgery. Regardless of their severity, dog owners in Illinois remain liable for any injuries caused without provocation.

Understanding your legal rights and consulting with a skilled Wheaton dog bite lawyer could prove valuable in complex cases such as these. To learn more, call today.