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What to Do After a Car Accident in Chicago| Larry Wins

Car accidents have been on the rise in the recent past. However, most people are still uninformed about what to do after a car accident and can stay on the scene for hours trying to figure out what to do next.

Research shows that over 100,000 car accidents happen every year in Chicago. The sad reality is that you, a family member, or a friend have been involved in an accident. No matter how careful you are when driving, accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

What to Do at the Scene of the Accident

These are some of the immediate actions to take when you are involved in a car accident.

  1. Remain calm

When involved in an accident, try to remain as calm as possible. This will help you to make firm decisions on what you should do next.

  1. Check on the safety of others

Confirm that everyone on board is safe. If anyone is seriously injured, you should call 911 immediately and explain where you are and what happened for immediate response.

  1. Turn on your emergency lights

If you are still conscious, turn on the emergency lights so that any approaching vehicle knows the situation to avoid causing secondary accidents.

  1. Take pictures

Ensure that you have clear pictures of both vehicles involved in the accident. This can be used as evidence or as part of the insurance repayment. You can only share these pictures with the car accident lawyer.

  1. Do not move away from the scene

If you move away from the scene, you risk getting prosecuted even if it was not your fault. You should call the police immediately and let them investigate the matter before moving your vehicle.

What to do After the Accident

After moving out of the accident scene, you should;

  1. Get medical attention

Getting medical attention is essential even if you feel unhurt after the accident. Sometimes injuries can be internal, and it takes a doctor to recognize and treat you.

  1. Do not post pictures of the accident on social media

Some posts may give the insurance company or the defense lawyer a chance to deny claims that you are not as injured as you claim.

  1. Have support from family and friends

Some car accidents can be traumatizing and may take longer to recover. In this case, you should have people around you to support and assist you with your day-to-day activities.

  1. Call a car accident lawyer

Once you are out of the car accident scene, you should contact the car accident lawyer to help you decide what to do next. Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers has the most qualified attorney who has dealt with car accidents in Chicago for over five years and as always Larry wins.

  1. Call your insurance company

Report the accident to your insurance company for repair and replacement purposes. Do not discuss the accident in detail with the insurance company. Let the lawyer handle the matter on his level.

Why Should I Have a Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any point in their life. It would be best if you remained cautious at all times to avoid any accidents on the road. However, if you get involved in one, you should not panic and follow the tips mentioned above.

Do not hesitate to contact us today and let us handle your car accident issues. Have full confidence in our car accident lawyer and Larry will help you win the case.


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