What Can an Employment Litigation Lawyer Do For Me? 

If employers and workers are not on good terms, it can introduce many risks and issues that can affect everyone involved. Disputes can arise due to certain issues such as policy changes, schedule changes, misunderstandings or other reasons. If you believe that you have been a victim of employment discrimination, you should consult with a lawyer that you can trust to help you resolve the matter. Here are some scenarios that a lawyer typically assists clients with regarding employment litigation. 

Workplace Discrimination 

Discrimination in the workplace is unfortunately a common occurrence. As an employment litigation lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law can explain, it is illegal for an employer to treat a worker or candidate differently based on their race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. All employees should be treated the same way by an employer and there should be no special treatment. A lawyer can assess your case and advise you on next steps. 


Harassment complaints made by an employee are a common focus of employment litigation. An employee might file a harassment complaint against another employee or a staff member in a higher ranking position. Unlike discrimination, harassment is any unwanted or unprovoked act towards a specific individual that results in discomfort or harm. This includes verbal harassment or sexual harassment. 

Family and Medical Leave 

Workers are entitled to take time off to tend to their family members or medical reasons if they work at certain businesses. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, covered employers must provide leave to eligible workers. If an employer denies leave to their eligible worker, the worker may file an employment litigation suit against them. 

Wrongful Termination 

Employment litigation lawyers can assist clients who have been victims of wrongful termination. Some employers may try to fabricate a reason to terminate a worker who has done nothing wrong. If your past employer terminates you based on lack of evidence, false statements or due to unfair treatment, you can seek the help of an employment litigation lawyer. 


Whistleblowers are protected by federal law under the Whistleblower Protection Act. If you have evidence that a worker or management staff at your workplace deliberately committed an illegal act, you have the right to file a whistleblower complaint against them. 

A lawyer can answer all of your questions regarding any employment issue or matter. Request a consultation with a trusted employment litigation lawyer that you can count on if you are in need of legal assistance. 

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