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Workers across all industries can be victims of wage theft.  However, the industries most affected are restaurants and hospitality, construction, and farming and agriculture.  If you feel you are not being paid fairly or your job is ripping you off, call us today.

With over $1 Billion in recoveries for our clients, Larry Disparti knows how to win Employment Law cases!  Plus, there is no fee unless we win your case.

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    Larry Knows Wage Theft Law

    Withholding your wages for no reason is illegal. If your employer is withholding wages from you, contact the Employment Law attorneys at Disparti Law Group today. 

    There is absolutely no reason for you to not get paid what you were owed. If you put in the work and gave up your valuable time for your employer, you deserve to be compensated for that. A lawyer will step in, if necessary, to collect the wages you have not been paid.

    Types of Wage Theft Claims

    Wage theft is a very common type of theft in the US and most wage theft goes unreported.  Workers in all income groups and across all industries are impacted.

    Some of the most common types of wage theft include but are not limited to:

    Paying less than minimum wage
    • Not paying overtime wages
    • Not paying for all your time worked
    • Not reimbursing business expenses
    • Withholding tips
    • Not granting required breaks
    • Misclassifying non-exempt employees as exempt

    Why Hire a Wage Theft Attorney

    If you have not been paid for the work you have done for your employer and think there is nothing you can do, think again.  

    The attorneys at Disparti Law Group can help.  We know how devistating unpaid wages violations can have on you and your family.  If you feel that your employer is taking advantage of you and ripping you off, you need to contact us today. 

    We know employment law and we know how to win.

    Wage theft is a serious crime, and employers should not get away with treating their workers this way.  Our attorneys can help recover the compensation you are owed and get you the justice you deserve.

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