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Vulnerability of Motorcyclists in Crashes

Motorcycle riders are vulnerable to being in a serious accident, especially since they don’t have much external protection to deflect force of impact. Getting treatment for injuries should be a victim’s top priority after a motorcycle crash. Some people may not realize yet how severe their injuries really are, which is why it’s important to get examined by a doctor as soon as possible. There is a chance that a motorcyclist sustained head injuries or internal bleeding that they are not aware of. The effects of shock after a traumatic event are powerful. Aside from the helmet and padded gear, there isn’t much else to protect a rider from impact if a car were to hit them.

Is it necessary to call the police?

Yes, always call the police if you are in an injury accident of any kind. The officer who shows up to the scene will take a written report, and within this document will be facts about the accident. Be sure to inform the officer how the accident occurred from your perspective. Ask the officer for their name, badge number, and report number so you can get a copy of this in the days to come. A police report can be influential for insurance companies and a personal injury lawsuit in showing how the driver was at-fault. 

What information do I need from the other driver?

Just as if you were involved in any other kind of motor vehicle accident, exchange information with the driver. Get their name, contact, current address, picture of their driver’s license, and insurance policy details. If you leave the scene without doing so, then it will be harder to seek compensation from the driver if you end up having injuries that need medical attention or experience other types of loss. 

Do I need to notify my insurance company?

You must inform your insurance company about the accident the very same day, unless you were in the hospital for emergency treatment. As soon as you are able to make that phone call, you must let your insurance company know what happened. As a lawyer may forewarn, an insurance adjuster is likely to call in the days after to get a statement from you. This person may seem friendly enough, but in reality, they are trying to get you to make certain statements to use against your claim. An insurance adjuster is not on your side. 

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to sustaining severe injury in the event of an accident. A lawyer who is accustomed to handling motorcycle accident cases can make a big difference in a victim’s recovery by fighting for fair restitution that covers their current and future loss. Having a reputable legal team as you file a claim and pursue compensation can only improve the chances of a fair settlement. Victims can get their questions answered by calling a motorcycle accident lawyer Iowa residents depend on from Des Moines Injury Law now. 

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