When players step on to the court, it’s all about the win. However, we understand that some of the biggest wins are off the basketball court. They are in your community, at your school, and for us, in the courtroom. In the spirit of these wins, eight members of the Loyola Ramblers Men’s Basketball Team have been selected to be nominees in the Disparti Law Group #Winning Player of the Year competition.

The decision is now yours. Please vote for one of the players below. That player will be named the #Winning Player of the Year as well as a $1,500 leadership award. Vote every day, but only once a day. Voting will end on March 11th at the conclusion of the season.

NOTE: All votes must come from a verifiable email address. Any votes that are received from invalid or unverifiable email addresses will be disqualified and removed. 

Des Watson (#0)

Jayden Dawson (#1)

Braden Norris (#4)

Tom Welch (#10)

Greg Dolan (#12)

Philip Alston (#23)

Miles Rubin (#24)

Will Smythe (#31)