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Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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As a motorcyclist, it is of utmost importance to understand and accept the inherent risks of riding motorcycles before you saddle up. By developing safe and defensive driving habits – the risk of accidents decline drastically. Motorcyclists are only in control of so much. External factors such as other drivers, road conditions, and limitations of the motorcycle and other vehicles should be considered. Ultimately, motorcyclists accept a higher level of vulnerability and feeling of freedom, which some may find to be part of the attraction. Here are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Errors made by other drivers.

Drivers of passenger vehicles are a primary cause of motorcycle accidents. Unsafe movements such as merging without checking blindspots, or turning into the path of an oncoming motorcycle can have serious consequences for both parties. Such maneuvers may result in serious injury or loss of life. As a driver, it is essential to be hyper-aware of every other vehicle on the road, including motorcycles.

Excessive speed.

This applies to everyone on the roads. Going too fast and exceeding set speed limits creates a hazardous environment for everyone and increases the likelihood of an accident. Speeding decreases the amount of time there is to react to unexpected changes in road conditions and traffic. By obeying speed limits an accident scenario can be avoided.

Impaired driving.

Drugs and alcohol can impede the ability to react to changes in road conditions and movements of other vehicles on the road. When reaction abilities are compromised accidents happen that result in serious injury, damage to personal property, and even loss of life. Drivers of any vehicle should never drive while impaired in any way.

Lane Changes – Drivers of automobiles who change lanes without looking for motorcycles are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. If you are a motorcyclist, ride as if every automobile driver is likely to make an unsafe lane-change. Defensive riding could prevent an accident and potentially save lives!

Roles & Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

One duty of a personal injury lawyer can be to prove liability on behalf of the person who demonstrated negligence, subsequently causing such injuries, damages, or even loss of life. Personal injury lawyers advocate for their clients with the goal of pursuing and obtaining a financial award to help lessen the financial impact that the injury has on their lives.

Personal injury lawyers carefully examine the facts, evidence, and witness testimonies, with the overall goal of helping their clients obtain a financial award for damages sustained as a result of negligent behaviors of another, by means of a civil lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers such as those at Hall-Justice specialize in specific types of personal injury claims. 

When to take legal action?

The sooner action is taken the better. There are laws known as statute of limitations that state a frame of time in which a personal injury complaint can be filed. Consult with a local personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after being injured to ensure that your rights to legal recourse are preserved.

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