The Disparti Law Group, P.A., can help you to seek compensation after a car crash has left you with significant physical and emotional injuries and financial losses.

Our first step will be to conduct a thorough investigation of your crash. This typically involves the following eight steps:

1. Reviewing the police report.

If you were in a car accident, police should have responded and prepared a report. This report should provide basic facts about the accident.

It should describe where the accident occurred, the type of accident it was (for instance, rear-end collision) and contributing factors such as alcohol or drug use. It should also provide information about each driver involved in the crash.

This police report can be a foundation for the investigation of your case. You should get a copy of it before you meet with us for a free consultation about your case.

2. Documenting and analyzing the accident scene.

The crash scene can provide extensive evidence of how your crash occurred. If you have not taken photos of the scene yourself (we highly suggest doing so), we can immediately photograph the scene. We will be looking for skid marks, brake marks, debris and road conditions.

3. Examining the wrecked vehicles.

Vehicle damage is primary evidence in a car accident. This reveals the point of impact and severity of the crash. It helps to tell the story of how the accident occurred.

Many new cars also have electronic data recorders (EDRs, or “black boxes”). These devices contain information about the vehicle’s braking, steering and other operations just prior to an accident. Hiring an attorney soon after your accident ensures that this data can be downloaded and preserved.

4. Analyzing cell phone records, receipts and other items.

Your attorneys can obtain cell phone records, work or school attendance records, credit and debit card receipts and other evidence to outline the other driver’s activities before the car crash.

For instance, this evidence may show that the driver was texting just before the crash or had just bought drinks at a nearby bar or restaurant. If the driver was arrested for DUI, those chemical tests can serve as evidence as well.

5. Interviewing witnesses.

It is important to get the names of witnesses in the immediate aftermath of an accident. These witnesses can be tracked down to get their accounts of what they saw or heard, such as a car going through a red light or brakes squealing. Their account may even describe what they smelled, such as alcohol on the breath of a driver. Witness accounts often take the form of affidavits (sworn written statements) or depositions (sworn oral statements that are recorded).

6. Consulting with accident reconstruction experts.

We work with specialists who can determine how and why a complex car accident occurred. Much of the evidence we outlined above is examined by these professionals to form their conclusions. An accident reconstruction expert can prepare a report or testify in court.

7. Examining medical records.

Most of the compensation you will seek after a car accident will be to cover medical expenses. In addition to reviewing receipts for medical care, we work with medical experts who can help us to determine future care and treatment costs.

8. Calculating your income losses.

In addition to medical expenses, a serious car accident can result in lost past and future income, including raises, bonuses, promotions or other job opportunities that you would have had.

We can work with vocational experts to determine the full extent of your income losses.

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