Truck Accident Lawyer Springfield, IL

If you have been seriously hurt in a semi-truck accident, we strongly suggest contacting a Springfield, IL truck accident lawyer immediately. Accidents like these tend to yield substantial property damage and personal injury, leaving victims with medical bills and other losses that need to be compensated. Automobile accidents of any kind can be disastrous, but trucks in particular can cause profound loss simply due to their size and weight. If you have suffered due to an at-fault truck driver, we are ready to hear from you at Disparti Law Group. Let us handle the legal tasks while you focus on your health. We are prepared to evaluate your case, let you know the best next steps, and negotiate for a fair settlement.

Truck merges in front of a car before the driver needs to call a Truck Accident Lawyer Springfield, IL Rideshare Safety Tips

As a rideshare passenger, it’s best to stay indoors when requesting your ride and only go outside once your ride has arrived. Your app will notify you when the driver has gotten to your destination. As a Chicago Lyft accident lawyer suggests, before getting into the vehicle, confirm that the license plate number, name, and picture of the driver match. Sit in the back seat so that you have two opportunities to exist if needed. Share your status on the app with a friend so that they can track if you have made it safely. Some drivers will be friendly and want to chat, which can be harmless. But be wary of drivers who are asking too many personal details and make you feel uncomfortable. Wear your seat belt, as this can greatly reduce the type and severity of your injuries in the event of a crash. Keep a clear mind and stay mindfully attentive to the road. If at any moment you feel unsafe, use the emergency help feature on the app which allows you to discreetly receive expedited assistance for an emergency. 

Accident Steps To Take

If you are injured as a passenger when using a rideshare app, there are certain steps to take to ensure your safety and ability to recover compensation. Check on yourself and others, call 911, exchange information with the driver, gather witness contacts, capture evidence, and do not speak to any parties involved until you have reached out to a Chicago Lyft accident lawyer. Do not allow Lyft or any other rideshare company to handle your claim without assistance from a lawyer first. All too often rideshare companies are more concerned about their profit than helping victims in serious accidents. But there is where we can intervene and come to your aid, as we can ensure you get the compensation needed for your injury treatment, loss of wages, property damage, and other ways you have been affected. We are not afraid to go up against rideshare companies. We know that their focus is on money, and not necessarily your wellbeing. For protection and to have someone advocate for your recovery, contact a team member from Disparti Law Group today.