Bicycle Accident Lawyer Springfield, IL

Before heading out to travel on bicycle, most people think about their safety, but rarely do they actually expect to be hit by a car driver and become in need of help from a Springfield, IL bicycle accident lawyer. The effects of a bike accident are often felt in every area of life. A bicyclist may require medical attention, have to miss work to treat their injuries, and deal with fixing or replacing their broken bike. The team at Disparti Law Group has seen the way that bicyclists can suffer after being struck by a vehicle. We hope that if you are in need of compensation due to an at-fault driver, that you reach out to our law firm today for assistance. You may be owed restitution from the driver, and we can negotiate relentlessly for your behalf.

Person sitting next to wrecked bike in front of a car before calling a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Springfield, IL

Bikes as Transportation

Some people ride bikes recreationally, but others use it as means of transportation. When city streets get packed with traffic, using a bike can become a more efficient and faster way to travel around. However, bicyclists are vulnerable when sharing the roadway with car drivers since they do not have an external shield to deflect impact. If a collision does occur, the bicyclists will absorb the sudden force and can sustain devastating injuries as a result. Despite bikes becoming an increasingly popular type of transportation, there are serious risks involved. If hit by a car, a bicyclist may sustain injuries such as broken bones, traumatic head injury, spinal cord damage, crushed extremities, impalement, organ damage, road rash, and more. 

Value of Your Claim

Many clients ask a Springfield bicycle accident lawyer what the value of their claim is, but that cannot be determined unless we have met with you. We offer consultations for prospective clients so we can find out more about the details of the incident and then advise further from there. Each bicycle accident case will vary depending on what the bicyclist endured. When meeting with a member of our team, it helps to have evidence and medical documentation ready so we can begin calculating how much you should ask for in compensation from the at-fault driver. Bring with you photos or video of the accident scene and your injuries, if you have them. Visuals can be influential when asking for restitution because they are difficult to refute. 

Recruit Help From a Lawyer

As a bicyclist, you have certain rights to the road. Car drivers should be watching out for your presence and allowing you enough space to safely get where you need to be. When drivers are being careless and hit a bicyclist, they should be held liable for how the person had suffered. You may be dealing with physical injury, mental anguish, and property damage to your bike. Let us intervene and protect your side. If you were recently injured in a bike crash, call us at Disparti Law Group to schedule a consultation. Please consider recruiting help from a Springfield bicycle accident lawyer today.