Social Security Disability: Is it Common for SSD Denials to Come Sooner Than Approvals?

Many disability claimants worry that their claims will be denied faster than they will be approved, causing them to miss out on much-needed benefits in the meantime. Getting an SSD denial may seem like the end of the world, but you shouldn’t assume
it will be.  There are ways to get your denial overturned and continue receiving your SSD benefits monthly. So even if you’ve gotten a denial from the Social Security Administration, don’t assume that this means you won’t get approved in the future. It can take some time, but you may still be able to succeed with an appeal or another type of request to get your benefits going again without delay.

What Factors Contribute to an SSD Denial?

You may be wondering why you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits. In most cases, the reason for your denial is that you did not meet the requirements for SSD. However, other factors can contribute to this decision as well.

These factors include:
Your age: If you are under age 50, then it is likely that your claim will be denied due to a lack of physical or mental capabilities. If you are over age 50, then there may be other issues that prevent you from receiving SSD benefits.

Your health: If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working, then it is likely that your claim will be denied due to this illness or injury. Whether or not you have a job: If someone else has paid your bills since your last work injury or illness occurred, they may not be able to continue doing so after they find out about your request for SSD benefits.

Lack of sufficient information: If you don’t provide enough documentation or medical evidence, it may take longer for your application to be approved and get an SSD denial. However, if you provide sufficient information, your application may be approved more quickly than expected.

Incomplete application: If you submit a Social Security Disability claim, you must fill out all necessary sections. Your claim will be rejected if you don’t include some of the required information. This includes things like providing proof that you have a
disability or information about how long you’ve been affected by your condition.

Reasons Your SSD Claim May Take Long

When you file a Social Security Disability claim, you want to be sure that it will be approved as quickly as possible. But why is your SSD claim taking so long? There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to how long your claim takes. For example, if you applied for a disability benefit in the past and were denied, there’s a good chance it will take longer to process this time around. If there are other issues with your claim, such as failing to report your employment or not meeting other requirements, the amount of time it takes to process your claim can increase.

Is It Common for SSD Denials to Come Sooner Than Approvals?

It’s a common misconception that Social Security Disability (SSD) denials come faster than approvals. In fact, the opposite is true: the vast majority of SSD claims are approved within six months of submission. SSD can be a difficult process to navigate, but it’s important to remember that this process is not just about receiving benefits; it’s also about your rights as an applicant. If you’re denied an SSD claim, you have the right to appeal and ensure that you get the case reviewed adequately.

How to Speed Up Your SSD Claim

If you’re struggling to get Social Security Disability benefits, it’s probably because you don’t know what to do. You’ve already applied and been denied, but now you’re wondering why your claim was denied and how to improve your chances of getting
approved. The best way to get started on your claim is by contacting a Social Security law firm. These lawyers specialize in this type of case and can help guide you through the process from start to finish. At Disparti Law Group, we have the expertise and experience and have helped thousands of people get approved for their disability benefits. Without any doubt, Larry wins! Contact our Chicago Social Security disability lawyers today for a free consultation about your benefits claim.


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