Social Security Disability Decision Requires Long Wait

Applying for Social Security Disability is a long process that involves applications, medical paperwork and numerous phone calls. The most frustrating aspect may be the amount of time you have to wait to hear back from the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration can take up to five months to make a decision on your case, depending on such factors as:

  • The nature of your disability.
  • How quickly medical evidence is obtained from your doctor or another medical source.
  • Whether you have to go for an exam.
  • Whether your claim is randomly chosen for a quality assurance review of the decision.

This waiting period can be particularly aggravating if it is clear that you are disabled and in need of benefits quickly. If you live in Florida, a Florida Social Security Disability attorney can be your greatest asset.

Disparti Law Group, P.A., a law firm with extensive experience with the Social Security system, can help you with every aspect of your case. We will make sure that your application is filled out properly and that every piece of medical evidence is included.

While you focus on your health, let us worry about all the paperwork and government red tape. We know you deserve Social Security Disability benefits and we want to fight to get them for you.

Contact the disability benefits attorneys at Disparti Law Group, P.A., today for a free evaluation of your case. Call us toll free at 866-695-0035 or reach us through our online contact form.

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