Every person on or near the road in Pasco County enjoys rights under the law, including the right to be free from the unnecessarily dangerous acts of others. These rights extend to drivers who may encounter buses while behind the wheel and even the passengers on the buses themselves.

The simple fact is that bus drivers have the same duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner as all other drivers. Any driver who is at-fault for a collision that results in a personal injury is liable to provide compensation.

A Pasco County bus accident lawyer could help victims of a bus driver’s negligence collect fair payment for their injuries. This can often include compensation for medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, and payments for emotional anguish.

Dangers Associated with Buses in Pasco County

Buses form an essential part of the economy and many peoples’ day to day lives. In Pasco County, people rely on these vehicles to travel to work, run errands, or even participate in long-distance travel. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes risk.

Being able to transport up to fifty people at a time makes these vehicles large, heavy, and difficult to stop in case of a sudden emergency. The size also results in significant blind spots that may prevent a driver from seeing other vehicles in their immediate vicinity.

Like other motorists on Pasco County roads, bus operators must take certain precautions when behind the wheel. This includes simple concepts like following speed limits, yielding when required by law, and refraining from distracted driving. In short, any act that may make a driver of a personal vehicle liable for an accident also applies to bus drivers. A Pasco County bus accident attorney could help gather the evidence demonstrating a bus operator’s negligence.

Potential Plaintiffs in Bus Accident Claims

Any person who suffers an injury because of the negligence of a bus driver is able to make a claim for compensation. Because buses are common carriers that take on passengers for a fare, they have an enhanced duty to keep those people safe. This applies in situations where a rider suffers an injury when the bus collides with buildings, parked cars, or simply runs over a curb. The lack of seatbelts and other safety items in many buses make these injures all the more likely.

Still, all plaintiffs must remain aware of the state’s law concerning comparative fault. Juries in personal injury cases must assign blame to all people involved in an accident. Under Florida Statute §768.81, the court will reduce a plaintiff’s award based on their contribution to the accident. A bus accident attorney in Pasco County could help injury victims show the bus driver’s liability and defend against allegations of comparative negligence.

A Pasco County Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

The days and weeks following an accident involving a bus can be a confusing and chaotic time. Not only are you likely to be dealing with a significant physical injury, but the incident may also affect your finances or emotional state.

A Pasco County bus accident attorney could help you pursue the compensation needed to set things right. They could help by gathering evidence, meeting deadlines, and handling the details of the case with as little stress as possible to you. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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