Pasco County Boat Accident Lawyer

Boats provide Pasco County residents with a great way to relax, thrill seek, or simply to cruise the water. However, operating a boat always comes with responsibility. State law requires all boaters to follow the rules of the water, carry proper safety equipment, and keep aware of their surroundings.

Failures to take these steps can lead to serious accidents. Boat crashes can result in severe injuries to other boaters, swimmers, people on docks, and even passengers within the operator’s own vessel.

Fortunately, people who have suffered injuries in these accidents have a legal right to pursue fair compensation. A Pasco County boat accident lawyer could help injury victims hold negligent defendants accountable for their losses.

Ways that Boaters may be Negligent

Boating on any of Pasco County’s waterways creates many of the same legal obligations as driving a car. In general terms, this is an obligation to keep other people safe and avoid placing them at an unnecessary risk of harm. Specifically, boaters must follow all navigational buoys, have proper running lights, and remain sober while at the controls.

Demonstrating the defendant’s failure to follow these rules is the core of a personal injury claim based upon negligence. A plaintiff always has the burden of proving this case, but negligence operates on a sliding scale. Florida Statute §768.81 requires courts to examine personal injury claims using the pure comparative fault method. As a result, plaintiffs must not only prove the defendant’s negligence but must also justify their own actions to prevent a reduced award. A Pasco County boat accident lawyer could help injured people to gather the evidence needed to demonstrate the defendant’s fault as well as to protect their claims against allegations of comparative negligence.

Injuries and Losses Common to Boating Accidents

Boating accidents have the potential to forever change a person’s life. Collisions have the potential to break bones, separate joints, and cause severe cuts. On top of this, the fact that the incident happens on the water can expose people to the danger of drowning. A claim for damages following a boat accident can seek payments for all medical costs associated with the incident.

However, plaintiffs who stop their demands with medical care often sell themselves short. Many accident victims miss time at work to seek medical treatment, and some injuries are so severe they permanently affect the person’s employability. Both lost wages and lost future earning capacity are potential damages recoverable in a Pasco County boat accident claim.

Finally, a physical injury often includes a mental component. This can include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, or PTSD connected to the incident. In short, a claim for damages should examine the full impact of the incident on a person’s life and demand appropriate payments for all these losses.

A Pasco County Boat Accident Attorney Could Help a Claim for Compensation

Pursuing a claim for compensation following a personal injury is never a simple matter. Plaintiffs need to gather evidence that proves the defendant’s fault while protecting themselves from allegations that they share some of the blame. At the same time, people are likely to be suffering from injuries that affect their ability to work and move on with their lives.

If you were injured on the water, a Pasco County boat accident attorney may be able to provide valuable advice and support. They could take care of all the legal details, protect your rights, and demand appropriate payments for your losses. State law places a strict time limit on personal injury claims, so seek help from a lawyer today.