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Oak Lawn Side Impact Collision Lawyer

Car accidents can occur in a variety of ways and may result in devastating injuries. Side impact collisions are a type of car accident that frequently causes significant injuries. Someone who has been injured in such a crash may want to speak with a well-versed Oak Lawn side impact collision lawyer.

Contact an experienced injury attorney who could help articulate the extent of injuries sustained in a crash and potentially research how the differences of side impact collisions may impact a person’s case. Schedule an appointment to discuss the facts surrounding a side impact collision case before proceeding to court.

Defining a Side Impact Collision Car Accident

In most cases, a side impact collision or in more common vernacular, a T-bone accident, may be described and identified as car accidents involving the front-end of one vehicle and the side of another. Such crashes may have similar fact patterns that regularly contribute to their occurrence. For example, a side impact collision frequently happens at intersections. While most intersections are controlled by some kind of traffic device, whether it is a yield sign, a stop sign or a traffic light, a driver that violates the traffic signal may cause a side impact collision by striking another vehicle driving perpendicular to them.

When a person experiences a side impact car accident, they may incur costly medical care. An Oak Lawn side impact collision lawyer could examine the facts of the case and potentially work to find compensation options that may benefit an injured person’s financial situation.

First Steps to Consider Following a Side Impact Collision

Immediately after an accident, safety is typically the primary concern. Typically, someone may want to call law enforcement and alert them of the accident and potentially injured persons who may need medical attention promptly. Depending on the circumstances and the damage to the vehicle, a person may want to consider moving their vehicle to avoid additional collisions from oncoming traffic. Before moving the vehicle, a person may want to take photos of the scene to show how the accident ended and perhaps build an argument for a potential negligence claim.

After medical treatment, an injured person may want to retain the legal services of an Oak Lawn side impact collision lawyer. In some cases, there could be video footage from traffic cameras that may provide insight or serve as tools to demonstrate the events that may have contributed to the side impact collision. Obtaining such evidence with the assistance of an adept injury attorney could strongly help an injured person successfully pursue a negligence claim.

Consulting a Dedicated Oak Lawn Side Impact Collision Lawyer

Someone who becomes injured in a T-bone or side impact collision accident may find it advantageous to meet with a compassionate Oak Lawn side impact collision lawyer. Serious injuries may require an extensive medical treatment plan that could be highly expensive. However, injuries suffered in a crash resulting from another person’s reckless actions may make someone eligible for compensation. Financial compensation could address paying for medical expenses but may also include non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Call to schedule a legal consultation and begin discussing the facts of your case today.