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Oak Lawn Rollover Car Accident Risks

A rollover car accident often results in severe or even fatal injuries. A person concerned with Oak Lawn rollover car accident risks may benefit from speaking with a legal representative familiar with such cases.

A dedicated rollover car accident attorney could evaluate a person’s case and help determine if their collision may qualify as a rollover. Additionally, they could give tips on how to potentially prevent a rollover from occurring and explain the importance of practicing safe driving habits.

Common Contributing Factors to Rollover Accidents

Oak Lawn weather can be severe and may include severe thunderstorms in the spring and ice and snow in the winter. Weather conditions often may contribute to a car losing contact with the roadway and leaving the roadway which could increase the chance of a rollover accident.

Additionally, when a driver exceeds the speed limit this could substantially increase the risk of a rollover. For example, if a car is going too fast while exiting a highway or on a curve, the driver may lose control of their vehicle. Poor weather conditions such a snow, torrential rain, or ice could worsen such a scenario.

Hydroplaning is another factor that may increase Oak Lawn rollover car accident risks. When a layer of water gets in between the tires and the roadway, the vehicle could slip and leave the roadway opening the possibility for a rollover crash. Hydroplaning at a fast speed could intensify the impact of a collision and potentially create further damage and injuries.

Safety Tips That May Decrease a Rollover Risk

Operating a vehicle a safe speed by adhering to speed limits and adjusting the car’s speed according to weather conditions could significantly reduce a person’s chance for experiencing a rollover crash. When a person drives slower, they may have more time to react to fast stops or changes in traffic patterns. In general, driving slower could allow a person to maintain a higher amount of control over their vehicle.

Following rules of the roadway may also reduce the risk of a rollover accident. This includes refraining from operating a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired. Someone who engages in drunk driving may have slowed reaction time or could fall asleep at the wheel. Accidents resulting from such recklessness could result in life-changing consequences, such as criminal charges and severe injuries.

External Factors

In some cases, a person may not be able to prevent a rollover crash due to external factors. These instances may include:

  • Blowing a tire
  • Hitting an object left in the roadway
  • Striking an animal crossing the roadway

Even if a person maintained their vehicle properly, a tire could blow while the car is in motion. Sharp objects which could pierce a tire are often left on the roadway and may produce severe hazards for drivers. Additionally, objects could fall off of another vehicle and get stuck in the middle of the roadway unexpectedly. This could also lead to an accident.

Wild animals are often unpredictable and may suddenly decide to cross a roadway. Large animals such as a deer or a bear could cause a lot of damage on a vehicle. Furthermore, if a driver attempts to swerve or miss the animal they could experience a rollover crash from suddenly changing the direction of a steering wheel.

Potential Steps of Documenting a Collision

Once the occupants of the vehicle are safe, a person may want to consider the following steps:

  • Inform the police and request medical assistance as appropriate
  • Photograph the accident scene and vehicle damage
  • Record the names of those involved
  • Document the names and contact information of witnesses
  • Contact a seasoned car wreck attorney

Addressing Oak Lawn Rollover Car Collision Risks With a Car Accident Lawyer

If you were injured during a rollover car accident, schedule an appointment with a professional car accident attorney who understands Oak Lawn rollover car accident risks. They could examine the facts surrounding a person’s case and potentially help identify liable parties who could be held accountable in court. Rollover accidents may produce severe injuries that could tremendously reduce a person’s quality of life. Call an informed injury attorney today and start researching potential legal options.