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When it comes to employment and labor law as well as workers’ rights, Attorney Larry Disparti takes it personal!  The founder and owner of the top rated Disparti Law Group gained his beliefs growing up in a union family. It is in his blood.

Larry has made it his mission to defend and represent hard working families so they can be protected and have the power to legally stand up to government and big business. His track record of success speaks for itself.

As a nationally recognized attorney Larry Disparti has been featured on MSNBC, FOX, CBS and published in over 100 major newspapers across the country including the Wall Street Journal.  The National Trial Lawyers Association named the Disparti Law Firm to the A-list Top 100 Law Firms in America as well as the Most Influential Law Firms in America.  With over One Billion Dollars in recoveries, there is no doubt, Larry Wins!

Contact Larry Disparti right away if you need legal representation by a Chicago employment attorney.  Disparti Wins Employment and Labor Law!


  • DISCRIMINATION: in hiring, pay, promotion, termination.
  • WRONGFUL TERMINATION: based on retaliation
  • DISCRIMINATION: based on race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, family rights and responsibilities, military status, sexual orientation, or other protected status.
  • PAY ISSUES: Wages, overtime, vacation and improper withholdings.
  • HARRASSMENT: or a hostile work environment.
  • CONTRACTS & AGREEMENTS: Employment agreements, severance agreements, compensation agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.


  • We negotiate collective bargaining agreements
  • Our labor attorneys interpret and advise on contracts
  • We advise on internal affairs, such as elections
  • Disparti Law Group will handle legal issues relating to strikes, picketing, boycotts, organizing, and anti-corporate campaigns
  • We handle all matters at the NLRB,including petitions for certification, decertification and deauthorization elections
  • The group will file unfair labor practice charges at the NLRB
  • We represent unions and workers at hearings before an Administrative Law Judge
  • Disparti Law Group handle class actions benefiting workers

 Having a Chicago employment lawyer that understands the dynamics of labor-management relations with a deep understanding of employment law can be a game-changer.   The Disparti Law Group can provide your organization and its elected leadership the advantage it needs to be as effective as it can possibly be.

Don’t wait.  Contact Larry Disparti and find out how he can help you because when it comes to employment law Larry Wins!


With over $1 Billion in recoveries for our clients, Larry Disparti knows how to win!   Contact our Chicago Employment and Labor attorneys today and find out why thousands of our clients say, Larry Wins!

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