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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Accident Injuries, crashed bike next to crashed car, Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury LawyersFor many, riding a motorcycle is a thrilling, hair-raising experience. Unfortunately, there are risks to riding and these risks can be catastrophic. With little protection around the body, motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries and even death to the rider and their passengers.

Motorcycles only make up 3% of all vehicles on the road, yet accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2020. Additionally, motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur in urban areas, such as Chicago, IL, than in rural areas.  

If you or your loved one has suffered motorcycle accident injuries caused by a negligent party, turn to the Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers to help get you the compensation you deserve. You can schedule a free case review with a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer today. You can find an attorney at any of our other locations as well.

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What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Some of the most common types of motorcycle accident injuries include but are not limited to road rash, abdominal injuries, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Some injuries, however, may be reduced or even avoided by wearing proper safety gear such as a DOT-compliant helmet, jacket, or gloves.

1. Road Rash

Road rash is the most common injury motorcyclists sustain in an accident. This type of motorcycle injury occurs when the skin and soft tissues experience trauma as a result of friction with the surface of a road. Healthcare professionals classify them by degree as one does when assessing the severity of a thermal burn. In fact, road rash can cause thermal burns when the friction with the road generates enough heat to burn the skin.

Other varieties of road rash include deep avulsions, abrasions, and lacerations. It may be easy to write off road rash as just a scratch like when a child falls off a bike. However, these injuries can be far more severe and even life-threatening if left untreated. Be sure to get checked out by a health professional for treatment and pain management.

2. Facial Injuries

Facial injuries can occur more often in motorcycle accidents than in car accidents because of how exposed motorcyclists are on the road. While the proper DOT-approved helmet can help protect motorcyclists from some facial injuries, these types of injuries can still occur even with these protections. Common facial injuries that occur include: 

  • Broken jaw. 
  • Eye injuries. 
  • Fractured skull.
  • Dental injuries.
  • Disfiguration.
  • Facial fractures.

Facial injuries that result from motorcycle accidents can require a significant amount of treatment and therapy. The emotional challenges that a person can face with these injuries can also be particularly difficult, impacting the quality of their life as a whole.

Negligent parties should compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering if you or someone you care for is recovering from facial injuries caused by a motorcycle crash. An attorney can help you get what you deserve. 

3. Abdominal Injuries

Not all motorcycle injuries are visible. Some abdominal injuries can involve damage to internal soft tissue structures and organs. This can cause internal bleeding which may be hard to spot at first. It is important to seek immediate medical treatment so you do not miss injuries like this.

4. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause traumatic brain injury if a person strikes their head on an object or when there are sudden stops that cause the brain to smash against the skull. Wearing a helmet can help protect motorcyclists from getting a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in an accident.

5. Spinal Injuries

Neck and spinal injuries are among the most devastating injuries motorcyclist can sustain. When the spine is damaged, it can cause paralysis. The severity of the paralysis depends on the location of the injury on the spine.

For example, damage higher near the neck can result in full paralysis of the limbs called quadriplegia while damage lower on the spine may only cause paralysis in the legs (paraplegia).  

In either case, these injuries often require several medical procedures, surgeries, and physical therapy. These costs can add up and cause motorbike accident victims with these injuries to experience significant financial stress.

6. Broken Bones, Fractures, and Dislocations

These injuries are common for motorcyclists again because of their exposure on the road. Riders are also vulnerable to “motorcycle thumb”  in which the thumb joint is broken when the rider locks their elbow and grips the handlebar to brace themselves.  

7. Muscle Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can result in pulled or strained muscles. However, road rash can also cause significant damage to muscles when they are exposed to the injury. Several surgeries may be required to repair this damage as well as rehabilitation. 

8. Limb Amputations

Sometimes, injuries to a person’s limbs following a motorcycle accident cannot be fixed with surgery or the spread of infection cannot be stopped. In these cases, amputation may be the only way to save the victim’s life. In these cases, the person will likely have other needs to help them adjust to their new normal such as prosthetics, wheelchairs, and physical therapy. The loss of a limb can also be incredibly traumatic and difficult for the brain to adapt to, likely requiring mental health therapy as well.

Types of Motorcycle Crashes That Lead to Injuries

The type of motorcycle crash can be indicative of the type of injury a person might suffer. The four main mechanisms of injury in motorbike crashes include: 

  • Lowside. When the motorcycle leans too far to one side during a turn, causing the rider to fall on the lower end of the bike. These types of crashes can be dangerous because the rider’s limbs can get trapped under the bike or tangled in the tire spokes. These crashes commonly cause broken bones and muscle injuries.
  • Highside. Occurs when the rider falls in the opposite direction of the motorcycle while trying to correct the turn. The bike then flips over, and the rider is thrown from the vehicle. These crashes commonly result in injuries such as road rash when the person skids across the pavement.
  • Topside. This happens when the rider is thrown over the handlebars toward the front of the motorcycle. Topside crashes, similar to high side, can also result in road rash. However, they may be more likely to cause head and neck injuries if these areas are the first to make an impact.
  • Collisions. These crashes occur when the rider strikes an object or is hit by something while still on the motorcycle. Blunt trauma and deceleration forces

What To Do If You’re Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, the first step to take is to call 911 and seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not notice any external injuries or you think you feel fine, it’s never worth the risk of missing severe injuries that may put your life at risk.

Before leaving the scene, be sure to get the contact information of all drivers or pedestrians involved in the accident. When speaking with the police, do your best to give a full account of your side of events while also being careful of what you say. It’s not uncommon to feel shaken up after an accident and it can be easy to say or admit to something you may later regret.

Finally, before speaking with insurance companies, try to find a motorcycle accident attorney who knows personal injury law and can speak on your behalf. Take the time you need to heal from your injuries while your lawyer fights for the compensation you may be owed.

Attorney Larry Disparti Wins Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases

At Disparti Law Group Accident & Injury Lawyers, we know just how traumatizing and difficult healing from motorcycle accident injuries can be. That’s why we want to be in your corner in case you are owed compensation for your injuries. You should not be left with this financial burden if another party’s negligence caused your pain and suffering. Contact us today for a FREE case review or call (312) 600-6000.

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