Louisville Slugger OneX Fastpitch Softball Bats Recalled

Because of the potential for injury, the Louisville Slugger OneX Fastpitch Softball Bat has been recalled. When swung, the bat’s barrel could separate from the handle and strike someone nearby, causing a serious injury.

The recall applies to about 130,000 bats. The OneX bat has a white and gray shell with yellow and blue lettering. They were sold at stores around the country and given to college amateur competitive softball teams from May 2012 through February 2013.

So far, about 170 bat handle separations have been reported. One player was struck in the shin by a broken piece.

People who have the bats should stop using them immediately. Hillerich & Bradsby Co., the company that makes the bats, is offering customers a replacement and free additional item.

Also, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is interested in hearing from anyone who was hurt due to the bat.

If you were hurt by a defective Louisville Slugger or injured by another unsafe product, you could be entitled to money for medical bills and other expenses. To protect your legal rights to compensation, talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible

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