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Injuries to the Knee and Leg in Automobile Accidents

The physical trauma experienced in an auto accident can cause terrible injuries to the lower legs. Studies from the United States Department of Transportation shows that more than one out of every three people in a front collision will sustain injury to their legs. When a car is struck from the side or in a rear-end collision, those inside have an increased risk of knee or lower leg injury. A person in a vehicle that gets hit from the side or rear-ended may suffer some degree of kneecap damage. If you have pain in the knee and were recently in a car crash, then now is the time to get medical attention. As a car accident attorney clients trust, here are symptoms of a knee fracture that can happen from an auto accident.

  • Swelling of the knee
  • Pain at the kneecap and tissues
  • Pain when extending the leg
  • Pain when moving the leg
  • Pain when twisting the knee
  • Visual abnormalities when comparing knees
  • Pain when putting pressure on the kneecap

When the knee or leg hits the dash or steering wheel, it can cause substantial trauma. These types of injuries specifically are called dashboard knee injuries. The kneecap and entire structure is complex, with many components that can sustain injury during the blunt force trauma of a car crash. Various injuries can develop from a car accident, like broken bones, soft tissue damage, knee fractures, and more complicated injuries such as spinal cord or leg amputation. A fractured kneecap is one of the most prevalent leg injuries sustained in an accident. The patella, or kneecap, is the bone that rests at the front of the knee and can get fractured from force of impact. The knee may also break into several fragments and get detached from the ligaments that support the knee joint, which enable it to bear weight and move. A kneecap fracture usually requires knee surgery to amend the damage.

Knee injuries can result in long-term pain and chronic issues that interfere with someone’s ability to live their life how they want to. Knee injuries can cause impairments to everyday functioning and hinder activities such as getting out of a chair, walking, and going up or down stairs. Not being able to perform tasks that used to be easy can cause that person even more frustration and mental distress.

The treatment for kneecap injuries will vary based on the type and severity of the damage. For instance, some sprains will heal with rest and time, while others may require surgical repair to heal. Surgery may entail an arthroscopic surgery to realign bones and repair ligaments, or a total knee replacement. Anyone who thinks they sustained a knee injury after an accident should consider getting help from a lawyer so that they can receive the compensation needed for kneecap injury treatment and other ways they were financially affected. The driver at-fault and their insurance company may be liable for how someone has suffered because of an accident they didn’t cause.

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