The loss of a loved one is hard to bear, no matter the circumstances. When a careless or reckless person’s actions caused a family member’s untimely death, the situation can be even more difficult. You may face medical or funeral expenses and be concerned about your family’s financial future. Fortunately, you do not have to handle your case alone. A compassionate personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Although you may hesitate to consider legal options during this difficult time, there are deadlines which may affect your ability to recover compensation. If you suspect that another person’s negligence caused your family member’s death, consider contacting a Hudson wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. A dedicated injury attorney can help your family recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Hudson Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Florida Statutes § 768.19 authorizes a cause of action for cases in which negligence or a wrongful act leads to a person’s death. There are a variety of incidents that may give rise to a wrongful death action based on a person or company’s negligence. Slip and fall accidents, truck or bus collisions, motorcycle crashes, or dog bites could all lead to a wrongful death action based on a theory of negligence.

If a person or company fails to exercise reasonable care, and their failure leads directly to a person’s death, the surviving family members may be eligible for compensation for wrongful death. In accordance with Florida law, individuals may be entitled to recover damages from a wrongful death action on the basis of their relationship to the deceased.

The personal representative may seek to recover damages on behalf of the estate and the deceased’s surviving family members. A spouse, parent, or child could seek damages for the loss of services, contributions, and support. Medical and burial expenses may also be recoverable in a wrongful death action.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations controls the filing deadline for a wrongful death claim. It is an important deadline, and failure to comply could mean that the individuals entitled to recover damages will no longer be able to do so. Filing a wrongful death action after the deadline has passed would likely lead to a dismissal of the case. Consultation with a wrongful death lawyer in Hudson could help family members of the deceased understand how the statute of limitations applies in their case.

Generally, individuals have two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida. Two years may seem like a long period of time, but it can pass quickly since claims may require investigation. Getting started on a case as soon as possible could be essential to the success of a claim.

Call a Hudson Wrongful Death Attorney As Soon As Possible

It can be difficult for individuals to tackle the legal process alone, and families deserve time to grieve. A seasoned attorney understands that you may need advice, information, and guidance through each step of the legal process. Contact a Hudson wrongful death lawyer today if you suspect that a person or company’s negligence led to the death of your loved one.

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