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Hudson SSDI Lawyer

An unexpected illness or injury can alter the course of your life, especially if it leaves you permanently disabled and unable to work. In this situation, you may need to seek Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. SSDI can be a tremendous help, but pursuing the benefits you need can be a lengthy and complicated process.

Additionally, the Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies SSDI applications, especially on an initial basis. There is an appeals process available, but it can be challenging to obtain and present the necessary evidence to support your claim.

Fortunately, a skilled Hudson SSDI lawyer is available to help you seek the benefits you need. A dedicated personal injury lawyer could provide critical support at every step of the application or appeals process.

Applying for SSDI in Hudson

As the application and decision-making process by SSA can take a significant amount of time, it is often in an individual’s best interest to apply for benefits as quickly as possible after a disabling illness or injury occurs. Individuals can apply online, by phone, or in person at SSA offices. An effective SSDI application requires information about the applicant’s education, work history, job training, and medical history.

Individuals can submit any medical information directly to SSA. Alternatively, they can sign release of information forms that allow their medical providers to do so on their behalf. An SSDI lawyer in Hudson could help an applicant identify and gather all medical records needed for a strong claim.

SSDI Claims Decisions

After receiving an application, SSA determines if the applicant qualifies for disability benefits based on both earnings and disability. To be eligible for SSDI, individuals must have worked in qualifying jobs to earn a certain number of employment credits. The number of credits an applicant has earned through their work history, along with their average salary, determines whether they are eligible for SSDI benefits.

In addition to employment credits, individuals must also meet the SSA definition of disability. SSA publishes a Blue Book that contains listings of qualifying disabilities and the requirements an applicant must meet to be eligible for SSDI benefits.

Some of the factors considered by SSA include:

  • Current work duties, hours, and income
  • How medical conditions affect the ability to perform work duties
  • Whether medical conditions listed in the Blue Book or are of equal severity
  • Whether medical conditions prevent individuals from completing past work or any work

In some cases, SSA arranges for applicants to see an independent medical professional for further evaluation or requests additional information. An SSDI attorney in Hudson may be able to help an applicant provide persuasive and comprehensive information to SSA to increase the chances of approval.

Reach Out to A Hudson SSDI Attorney

Many applicants for SSDI benefits receive an initial denial, but this does not have to be the end of a claim. Appeals are available, but they are subject to strict deadlines. As a result, if you have received an initial denial of benefits, you should not hesitate to contact a Hudson SSDI lawyer at once for advice.

Pursuing an appeal can be a complicated process, and having legal counsel to guide you could be crucial to the success of your SSDI claim. Call today to schedule a consultation.