How Long Do You Have To Sue For a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is devastating for you, your baby, and the entire family. You should not be left alone to care for your child’s traumatic injuries, or be responsible for paying for the years of medical care they will require. Learn more about birth injury’s and how Disparti Law Group can help get you the resources and compensation you deserve.

Determining The Date Of Your Child’s Injury

The most important aspect of a birth injury lawsuit is determining the date your child suffered the injury. While it might seem obvious to most that the date of injury would be the date you gave birth, things can become complicated. The actual date of injury is important because it determines when the statute of limitations begins.

When Was The Injury Discovered?

If the injury was not discovered prior to, during, or immediately after delivery, the statute of limitations will begin on the date the injury was discovered by a doctor. This provides you with additional time to file a claim against the doctor, nurse, hospital, or anyone else responsible for your child’s birth injury with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Chicago’s Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations in Chicago for this type of claim is eight years from the date the child was injured. If your child was disabled because of the birth injury, the statute of limitations can be extended to when the child reaches the age of 22.

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