Child Injury Attorney Chicago, IL with Decorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomMost parents would do anything in their power to prevent their child from being injured. However, in some cases, circumstances outside of a parent or guardian’s control arise and can lead to the injury of a child.  Should this happen you need a child injury lawyer.

When child injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, the child’s caretaker may be eligible for financial restitution to help address any financial damages incurred by the injury. In the event of a serious injury-causing accident, families can face an array of demanding expenses. The child injury attorneys at the Disparti Law Group, understand how emotionally and financially troubling child injuries can be for a family, which is why our accident lawyers aggressively pursue financial restitution on behalf of our clients.

Common Causes of Child Injuries

When an accident occurs that causes serious injuries to a child, the party responsible for causing the injury should be held accountable. Sadly, child injuries occur all too commonly because of the following factors:

  • Child toy & product defect
  • Daycare staff negligence
  • Improper playground maintenance
  • Car accidents

When they occur, child injuries can be devastating for the child and family alike. The physical and emotional damages resulting from a child’s injury can be severe and life-altering. Fortunately, an experienced child injury attorney can help families or guardians pursue compensation on behalf of the injured child.

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At Disparti Law Group, our child injury lawyers understand how troubling a child injury can be for a family, which is why we fight to represent the best interests of our clients. To speak with an attorney about your legal options for pursuing compensation, call out office today.

Larry Disparti and the Disparti Law Group have won over $1 Billion in recoveries for our clients.  Plus, there is no fee unless we win your case. Contact our Chicago or Tampa child injury attorneys today.

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