A birth injury can leave a child with a lifelong disability and create tremendous obstacles for them to overcome. While time can never be turned back to before the injury occurred, children and their families may be able to recover compensation for the injuries and other difficulties they may have to deal with as they grow up. Pursuing this compensation can provide financial security and ensure that the child lives as close to a full life as they can.

A Holiday birth injury lawyer could help you and your child through the legal process of recovering full and fair compensation. Filing a personal injury case with the help of a dedicated attorney may be the best way to ensure your child receives the care they need.

Two Common Causes of Birth Injuries

In Holiday, there are two common causes of birth injuries, both of which may constitute medical malpractice. Malpractice lawsuits come with procedural difficulties that are not present in other cases, so it may be wise for families to retain an experienced Holiday birth injury attorney for advice.

Some of the most common birth injuries are caused by medical mistakes in the delivery room. During difficult or traumatic deliveries, doctors and surgeons may have to make quick decisions, and if they fail to consider the consequences, they could put the baby at unnecessary risk of harm. In some cases, the delivery method chosen by doctors can deprive the baby of oxygen and cause developmental delays. In other cases, assisted delivery techniques prove to be traumatic, and the baby suffers bodily injuries as a result.

Another common cause of birth injuries is improper prescribing. Doctors may prescribe certain drugs to expectant mothers that can impair the baby’s development in utero. These can cause serious neurological or developmental problems for a newborn and can even lead to stillbirth.

In these circumstances, retaining legal help from a birth injury lawyer in Holiday may be essential. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit can ensure that an injured child is taken care of in their future.

Statute of Limitations

In Holiday, accident victims are required to invoke their rights and file a lawsuit within a set period of time. That window is defined by the state’s statute of limitations.

While most personal injury lawsuits have four years to be filed under Florida Revised Statutes § 95.11(3), lawsuits stemming from instances of alleged medical malpractice only have two years to be filed with the court. These two years can be extended to four years if the injuries could not reasonably have been discovered.

However, there is an exception if the victim was a minor. In these cases, lawsuits need to be filed with the court before the injured child turns eight years old.

Retain a Holiday Birth Injury Attorney

If your child suffered from a birth injury, seeking legal assistance to pursue your right to compensation from the responsible party can make a difference in your family’s future well-being. A birth injury lawsuit could help you live as close to a whole life as possible.

Call a Holiday birth injury lawyer to fight on behalf of you and your child. With skilled legal representation, you could work to recover the compensation that you deserve. Call today for a consultation.

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