Have You Been Discriminated Against at Work? Take Action Now!

If you or someone you know has been discriminated against in the workplace, you need to report it. Do not worry about retaliation or any negative effects from reporting this. There are laws in place that will protect you. You should always have an employment litigation lawyer, like a lawyer from Eric Siegel Law, on your side to make sure that you are treated fairly and get any compensation that you deserve. Your lawyer will do his or her best to protect you and make you feel as comfortable as possible during this process. 

Gender Discrimination

Sometimes, a workplace will not give a promotion to someone because they wonder how long the person will be around. For example, if a woman is passed over for a promotion because of the fear that she may one day decide to stay home with children, this could be an example of discrimination in the workplace because of gender. 

Discrimination for Sexual Orientation

If someone is treated differently because of the people they love, this is discrimination. It should not matter who someone’s partner is or who they love. If you suspect that your workplace is treating someone differently because of this, you need to report it right away. 

Age Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace due to age can go either way. Sometimes, a younger person is treated unfairly because their coworkers or boss believe that they are inexperienced. If someone who is just as qualified as another person is being treated differently because of their age, this is discrimination in the workplace. This can also happen to older people as well. Some workplaces may try to push a person of a certain age to retire. This is not ethical. 

Other Discrimination

Pretty much anything that has to do with the way someone looks, who they worship, and anything about them that makes them unique can constitute for workplace discrimination. People should be able to be themselves without having to worry about retaliation or being treated differently. If you are passed up for a promotion, given a worse job than a colleague, or in any way treated differently and suspect it has to do with something you cannot control like your gender, race, or something else, you need to get an employment litigation lawyer on your side as soon as possible. 

How Hiring a Lawyer Will Help

A lawyer will be able to help create a solid argument to use in court. He or she will be able to dig deeper into your case to determine whether it is worth going to court over, if your company may be willing to settle, and other important details. Do not wait to reach out. The sooner you do, the faster you can begin collecting evidence, witness statements, and other necessary things to have a solid case in court. 

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