Dunedin SSDI Lawyer

After a lengthy application process, many people are disappointed to find that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied their claim for benefits. If you received a denial notice, you should not give up hope. Many individuals receive an initial denial of benefits, but ultimately qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits following an appeal.

Gathering the necessary medical records and presenting them in a convincing manner is not always easy, and pursuing an appeal can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, a Dunedin SSDI lawyer is available to help. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you navigate the SSA appeals system and build a successful claim for benefits.

Appealing a Denial of Benefits

In some cases, the SSA will initially determine that claimants qualify for SSDI benefits. More often, however, individuals will receive a denial notice stating that they are not eligible for SSDI benefits for one reason or another. Fortunately, applicants have the right to appeal that denial through a multi-level process of appeals.

Although receiving an initial denial may be disheartening, many individuals successfully pursue appeals and receive an award of SSDI benefits. There is a 60-day timeframe from the date of receipt of the denial notice in which an appeal must occur, so it is essential to begin the process in a timely manner. The first step is to file a request for reconsideration of the claim by SSA, which does require SSA to consider any new medical evidence.

If the request for reconsideration still results in a denial of SSDI benefits, then individuals have 60 days in which to file another appeal by requesting a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. These hearings often do not occur for many months, but they are a crucial part of the appeals process. An SSDI lawyer in Dunedin who is skilled in presenting evidence to support a claim for benefits could provide crucial advice and support during this hearing.

Further Appeals

If the decision following an administrative law judge hearing still results in the denial of SSDI benefits, applicants have the right to appeal their case to the Appeals Council another branch of the SSA. In some cases, the Appeals Council can reverse the decision of the administrative law judge and award benefits or direct the administrative law judge to conduct further proceedings.

Even if the Appeals Council again denies the claim for SSDI benefits, individuals may file a lawsuit in federal district court. This step of the appeals process is highly complex and requires compliance with all court rules. As a result, having representation by an SSDI attorney in Dunedin may be critical to the success of a case.

Allow a Dunedin SSDI Attorney to Offer Legal Assistance

If your SSDI claim was denied, you may still have legal options available. Many SSDI claims are ultimately successful on appeal, but gathering the required documentation and effectively presenting a case can be challenging. Fortunately, a Dunedin SSDI lawyer is available to provide guidance and support at every step of the process. Having an experienced legal advocate by your side could be the most effective way to achieve a favorable result.

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