The Social Security Disability (SSD) program offers benefits to individuals who live with disabilities and are unable to find and maintain gainful employment. While this is not directly applicable to children who live with disabilities, the care for a child who lives with a disability can strain a family’s financial stability since one parent may need to stay home with the child or, alternatively, the medical care may be more expensive than the family can afford. To address the needs of such families, SSD offers benefits to help mitigate these financial challenges.

Social Security Disability Claims For a Child’s Disability

The application process for SSD benefits can be exceedingly complicated for anyone; unfortunately, many of the initial applications that the Social Security Association (SSA) receives are denied. With that in mind, it is critical that your application for SSD benefits includes:

  • All completed forms
  • All required documentation
  • An accurate, acceptable description of your child’s disability

These benefits can be critical for any family, but even a single misstep can lead to the denial of an SSD benefits application. Our SSD representation attorneys know exactly what it takes to successfully apply for these benefits, and we may help you accurately complete your application.

Consult With a Child’s Disability SSD Claims Attorney

At Disparti Law Group, our  SSD attorneys can help you complete your child’s SSD benefits application in an accurate and timely manner.  Please call our offices at (312) 600-6000 today.

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