Disability Discrimination Explained

Being discriminated against for a disability can be a major offense. No one should have to go through the humiliating and painful experience of being harassed or discriminated against for their disability. When this type of unfortunate occurrence happens, it’s important to understand the necessary steps to take following the incident. A lawsuit could be established against those who have caused you or a loved one this harm. 

What Is the Definition of a Disability

In legal terms, a disability is a mental or physical condition that critically alters someone to see, learn, talk, walk, or hear. In other words, if the person has a severe disability that prohibits them from carrying out major life events then it is considered a disability. This condition can be proven if they have a history of the disability or if they believe they have the disability. A disability discrimination lawyer can provide more insight on disabilities and how to ensure you or a loved one are being treated fairly.

What Constitutes a Discrimination Case

A disability discrimination case may be filed if you or a loved one are being harassed at work for your disability, are fired for missing work due to a disability, and more.

Employers are required to make it possible for workers with disabilities to carry out their jobs. This means they must accommodate the worker by the means necessary to make it easier for them to do their job. Whether it’s offering hearing help for the hearing impaired, or a more comfortable seating arrangement for a disabled worker that needs a better seating arrangement, they must do so. A lawyer can help to explain these accommodations and other requirements.

What to Do If You Were Discriminated Against

It’s important to understand that in 1990, the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) was instituted into law. This law protects people with disabilities from being discriminated against by their employers. If your employer is harassing you or a loved one, has unlawfully terminated you for a disability, or is not doing their required part of accommodating a disabled worker, then it may be time to seek out legal counsel. Disability discrimination lawyers, like the ones at Eric Siegel Law, are generally experienced in disability discrimination and can help to understand you or your loved one’s situation in more detail. They may deem it necessary to file a case against the employer to solve these issues.

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