Covid-19 Stimulus Check Scams

Be On the Lookout for Fraud

Disparti Law Group wants you to be aware of scams involving your stimulus check you may soon  be receiving related to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The IRS has sent out a warning that criminals may use these payments as an opportunity to take advantage of you and seek access to your accounts. These payments will either be direct deposited or a physical check directly from the IRS. The method of payment with depend on your recent tax return payment selection or how you receive your Social Security benefits. Here are a few of the scams to watch out for:

Processing Fee: Criminals will attempt to get you to share your personal details and pay a small processing fee to expedite your check.

Fake Checks: If you receive a paper check and it is for an odd amount (such as an amount with cents). Or if the check asks you to verify it online, or via phone or text message.

Social Media, Text or Email Messages: These requests will attempt to impersonate government agencies and ask you to confirm your identity by providing them with your social security number and direct deposit information

Treasury Department Correspondence: Someone might call, email or try to communicate in other ways claiming to be from the Treasury Department. They will be offering a COVID-19 relief grant or stimulus payment in exchange for personal financial information, an advance fee or another charge.

Sharing your personal information or account information with anyone could place you at risk for fraudulent activity. If you or your family has been a suspect of one of these scams, please contact Disparti Law Group at 1-800-633-4091.

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