To many, riding a motorcycle is symbolic of freedom and independence. Some may even say it is wound into the fabric of our country. Either way, millions of people ride motorcycles every day, whether for pleasure, sport, or simply transportation.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are at a higher risk for injury and death than a driver or a passenger in a vehicle when an accident occurs. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were a total of 1,002 Cook County motorcycle accidents in 2016 alone. These included 27 fatalities and 608 injuries.

If you or a family member recently contributed to one of these statistics, a Cook County motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to assist you in seeking financial recovery. For more information about your legal options, consider contacting a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Claiming Damages for a Motorcycle Crash

The main purpose of a civil lawsuit for a motorcycle accident is for the victim of that incident to be compensated for injuries and damages. All accident-related expenses can also be accounted for by a qualified Cook County motorcycle accident attorney when seeking compensation.

The most common types of compensation claimed in such lawsuits include:

  • Medical expenses such as, ambulance fees, consultations with doctors and other health professionals, prescription, surgery, hospital bills, in-home services, medical accessories, and physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering—legally defined as mental or physical distress—based on the seriousness of the pain and the prognosis for the future, or alternatively based on emotional damages such as anxiety, depression, or stress
  • Lost wages, including the time missed from work due to doctor or other medical appointments and problems with mobility, as well as loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship or loss of consortium for the victim’s family, but only if the plaintiff recovers other damages for their injuries first

Local Statute of Limitations

Many potential plaintiffs in a motorcycle accident may not realize that they have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit for their injuries. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations and can vary from one state to the next. According to 735 ICS 5/13-202, motorcycle accident victims in Illinois have two years from the date of their accident to file a civil lawsuit. An experienced Cook County motorcycle accident lawyer could help plaintiffs determine how this deadline might impact their case filing.

If a claimant does not file their case within the given statute of limitations, they may give up their right to seek damages for any injuries or losses associated with their motorcycle accident. While they may still be able to file a lawsuit, the defendant could and most likely would have the judge dismiss the filing due to the expired statute of limitations.

How a Cook County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, it may be wise to be proactive in taking care of yourself and your interests. This typically takes the form of seeking appropriate medical care and speaking to your employer about the time off you need.

However, you may benefit from taking things one step further and contacting a skilled Cook County motorcycle accident lawyer to explore your legal options and seek compensation for your injuries. To protect your interests and get the help you need, call today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

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