When purchasing any product, consumers have an implicit understanding that the product they are buying is safe for consumption or use. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is broken and consumers are sold a product that is dangerous, improperly manufactured, and can cause injuries.

The law is on the side of the consumer in these cases, and a qualified personal injury attorney may be able to help an injured person receive significant compensation for their injuries. If you are injured by a malfunctioning consumer product, consider contacting a Cicero defective products lawyer who could provide knowledgeable advice and steer your case toward the highest possible compensation.

Types of Defective Products Cases

Defective products cases may involve a wide variety of products that can cause harm to the consumer. In a car accident, for example, it may be discovered that the automobile was manufactured incorrectly, which could stand as grounds for a defective product claim. Other possible examples include botched drugs, defective medical products like a pacemaker, malfunctioning machinery, unsafe children’s toys, and more. An experienced Cicero defective products attorney could help clients by advising them on whether their case could lead to an actionable defective product claim.

Options for Recovery in a Defective Products Case

In a defective products case, the affected consumer could recover damages for any expenses, losses, or injuries that directly result from defects with the product. This could include medical bills for injuries caused by the product, such as those sustained in a car accident that resulted from poorly manufactured brakes or mishandled prescription drugs that cause illness. Additionally, the consumer may recover damages for property that the faulty product harmed or destroyed by the faulty product.

In some instances, there may be groups of individuals who all experience similar damages or harms due to the same defective product. In those cases, the best course of action may be to file a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product. This option is often utilized when the defective product in question is a drug.

What Constitutes a Defective Products Case?

There are several key elements that must be proven in court in order to have a successful defective products case, and a skilled Cicero defective products lawyer could help design a legal strategy to prove them. Successful plaintiffs must prove that:

  1. There was in fact a defect in the product
  2. They were not adequately warned of the problems with the product before purchase
  3. The defect did in fact cause damage or harm to them
  4. They were using the product in the intended manner

In other words, plaintiffs must prove that their injuries specifically came from a defective product, and that the harm it caused was not the result of the consumer using the product in ways other than how it was intended.

Contacting a Cicero Defective Products Attorney

If you are hurt by a defective product, it could be imperative that you contact a Cicero defective products lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the type of product involved, manufacturers and drug developers may have access to expensive legal teams and valuable resources. These can be difficult for a layperson to combat, especially given the complexity of the relevant laws, so give yourself a leg up and schedule a consultation with a qualified local attorney today.

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