Cicero Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are often fraught with charged emotion that a personal injury attorney may work hard to address, but the emotional and financial weight of such a case may increase exponentially if the injury in question is severe enough to alter your life permanently. Fortunately, though, victims of catastrophic injuries are often eligible for significant compensation that could help make their life more comfortable and may alleviate some stress brought on by the injury. If you suffered a long-term or permanent injury in a personal accident recently, contact a compassionate Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer for help pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

The term “catastrophic injury” is reserved for injuries that have life-changing consequences above and beyond a hospital stay. This kind of injury may completely alter the way in which a person lives and can have significant impacts on what day-to-day tasks they are able to perform. Examples of common catastrophic injuries include paralysis, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the spinal cord.

A knowledgeable Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer could help clients determine whether their injuries fall within the definition of a catastrophic injury and provide sound advice on the best legal avenues for their cases.

Compensable Damages

In catastrophic injury cases, there are two kinds of damages for which an injured person could be compensated. Economic damages are more objective and often have ready-made price tags or values attached to them. Examples of economic damages include lost wages due to an injury, current and ongoing medical costs, and property damage.

The other category, called non-economic damages, is more subjective in nature. These kinds of damages do not have clear values or price tags attached to them, so they can lead to serious disagreements in court. Common examples of non-economic damages include the victim’s pain and suffering, loss of consortium with a spouse, loss of enjoyment in life, and inability to engage in a beloved hobby.

Making a Catastrophic Injury Claim

Most personal injury claims in Illinois have a statute of limitations of two years, and catastrophic injuries are no different. This means that even for incredibly severe injuries, a plaintiff in Cicero still only has two years from the date of their injury to file a claim with the court. Exceptions to this rule include injuries suffered by minors, injuries that result from medical malpractice, and birth injuries.

Knowing the specific statute of limitations for a catastrophic injury case could be very important, because failing to file a claim by the appropriate deadline may result in a plaintiff losing their right to compensation. This is one area in which a knowledgeable Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer could be of service by ensuring that the claim is filed on time.

Work with a Cicero Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

Assistance from an accomplished Cicero catastrophic injury lawyer is often paramount to a successful claim. They could bring expert witnesses into the case, argue passionately in court on your behalf, collect and preserve evidence, file paperwork within the necessary timeframes, and more. If you ever suffer a catastrophic injury, make sure to contact a Cicero catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible to see what your options for recovery may be.