A jackknife truck accident is when a truck with a trailer gets folded in and looks like a pocketknife. It just folds back into the trailer once the vehicle has come to a stop. Some of the common scenarios that lead to these kinds of wrecks include speeding, driving in poor weather conditions, and navigating around sharp curves.

If you or a loved one were injured in a jackknife truck collision, you might be entitled to compensation. A Chicago jackknife truck accident lawyer could advocate for you and help you recover damages. Reach out to an accomplished truck crash attorney today.

Precautions to Take to Prevent Jackknife Collisions

To prevent trucks from jackknifing, drivers should pay attention to the road and their surroundings at all times. If a person is not speeding and is driving properly, even if they hit a slick substance on the road, they should have enough room to slow down and come to a stop.

Mechanical checks that should be done include checking the tires, checking the brakes, and making sure the truck is running properly. Drivers should do general mechanical checks, make sure that they look into everything on a regular basis, and replace what needs to be replaced. A mechanical defect can lead to a severe truck accident.

How Could a Jackknifed Truck Impact Other Vehicles?

A jackknife truck accident can severely impact other vehicles. Like anything else, the force of the impact could cause a truck to hit another vehicle. Depending on the right conditions, the cab is going to be folded, again, back towards the trailer so that it will prevent the driver from being able to maybe slam on the brakes like they would if they were just speeding. The cab just stays straight in line with the trailer instead of folding back. It could very easily cause the trailer to flip over, land on vehicles, slip over, and then slide and crash into vehicles.

Establishing Negligence in a Jackknife Truck Collision Case

Even if an accident is unforeseeable, if someone is injured and the car did not cause the accident at all, the blame is going to be placed on that truck driver for some reason or potentially even the company if it is due to some mechanical issues with the truck.

The number of parties involved in a jackknife truck wreck case can vary. It depends on how forceful the impact is and how many people are involved. There are accidents on the highways with trucks that include dozens of cars so it could be one person, it could be a handful of people, or it could be dozens of people.

It is crucial to seek medical attention after being involved in a collision. After getting medical care, the injured person should contact a jackknife truck accident lawyer in Chicago. An accomplished attorney could help investigate the case, gather evidence, prove liability, and help recover damages.

Contact a Chicago Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

One of the benefits of hiring a Chicago jackknife truck accident lawyer is that they have experience establishing fault and recovering compensation. A seasoned attorney could also help calculate damages and get you the recovery that you deserve. Call today and set up a consultation with a well-versed legal professional.

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