Being involved in a car accident with an 18-wheeler vehicle is frightening, and the damages victims may sustain can be extreme. You might be facing huge costs, and want to know who to blame for your accident, and a truck accident lawyer can help. While you might think it’s the driver of the 18-wheeler, sometimes the blame falls on the trucking company itself. Indeed, trucking company negligence is one of the most frequent factors involved in truck accidents in the United States.

4 Examples of Negligence at the Company Level

There are numerous behaviors at the company level that could qualify as “negligence,” though a broad understanding would be any action that disregards the safety of drivers and others on roadways. Four common examples include:

  • Negligent Hiring Standards
  • Failure to Train Drivers
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicles
  • Hours of Service Violations

Even perpetrating just one of these forms of negligence is enough to put other drivers at risk, and usually trucking companies found guilty of one form of negligence are often found to be negligent in numerous other ways.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney in Chicago

If you or someone that you love has suffered any kind of injury or sustained any damages because of a truck accident, then you should explore your legal options for obtaining financial compensation. It may turn out, as the truck accident attorneys of Disparti Law Group know, that the trucking company is to blame. Contact our offices in Chicago today by calling (888) 621-0604 to learn more about what you can do to take action.

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