Truck accidents are nothing short of devastating. While they account for only about 3% of the total vehicle accidents on the road, their costs in property damage and lives are immense, with over 140,000 people every year suffering serious injuries from a wreck with a big rig. Even worse, they’re on the rise, up a full 20% over the last 20 year period.

Because the vehicles involved are so huge, with such momentum behind them, the injuries people suffer from a truck accident can completely ruin lives, and the problem gets worse when trying to pin down the cause and responsibility. Learn about the many different truck accident causes that could be behind your case, and why having a Chicago truck accident lawyer is so important to get compensated.

Truck Accident Causes

There are many truck accident causes that can potentially be at the heart of an injury you suffer from a truck wreck. Of course, the driver is very commonly at fault. They may not have seen the smaller vehicle. They could be exhausted from driving long hours. They might be intoxicated or distracted from eating, reading or fiddling with the stereo.

Other causes can include poor road conditions, improperly loaded cargo that breaks free and shifts, faulty parts in the truck, or any number of other factors. This can create a lot of problems when you seek compensation because the cause goes directly to who can be held responsible.

Truck Accidents and Negligence

The key to getting compensated for your injury is proving negligence; that is, that someone was grossly irresponsible, which caused an accident that somehow led to your injury. Because there are so many different potential causes of a truck accident, there are also a lot of parties that might be considered negligent.

For example, the driver might be responsible, the company that manufactured the faulty parts could be held liable. The maintenance company that is supposed to inspect the truck could be at fault. The cargo company who loaded the truck and secured the cargo might be partially at fault. Most certainly, the trucking company or owner of the truck shares some responsibility.

Passing the Buck

The problem gets worse, as none of these parties is eager to accept responsibility or take the blame. They will each blame the other, and at some point, one or more might even blame you. It all comes down to two things: accepting the blame can hurt the responsible party, and insurance companies don’t make money by paying out money.

Getting the compensation you deserve requires the ability to pin down the exactly responsible parties, and forcing them to take responsibility for the pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages you’ve suffered.

Working with a Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

If you’ve been hurt in an accident with a big rig, and you’re facing troubles with determining the truck accident causes that will enable you to get compensation, our experienced truck accident lawyers can help. For years we’ve helped people just like you get the full damages to which they’re entitled. Call us for a consultation today.

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