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Benefits of a Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

There are many benefits of a Chicago truck accident attorney. For one, a seasoned truck accident lawyer will fight for the compensation that you deserve. A well-versed attorney is going to do a better job of recovering compensation for an injured victim than a person who is filing a claim without legal representation. A lawyer could also ensure that you are getting the medical attention you need and that your best interests are being protected.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

One of the benefits of a Chicago truck accident attorney is that they could deal with the insurance companies. Usually, insurance companies will not offer a settlement anywhere near what they should be offering to a person who is handling their own claim. An unrepresented individual may be able to get some compensation for their pain and suffering but not the compensation that they deserve.

Insurance companies do not like paying out claims and will often lowball an offer to an injured truck accident victim. The insurance company may even argue that the injured person is partially or wholly at fault for the wreck and does not deserve any compensation. Fortunately, an attorney could argue against these accusations and fight for the victim’s right to compensation. A seasoned lawyer has experience negotiating with insurance companies for a fair settlement and protecting the injured person’s best interests.

Recovering Damages Following a Truck Collision

By dealing with the insurance company, the attorney could help the injured person recover the truck accident damages that they deserve. If an individual gets into an accident with a trucker who is employed by a truck company, the lawyer will send a letter of representation and an attorney lien to the insurance company. By doing this, the insurance company is put on notice that the lawyer is representing the injured victim of the collision. The insurance company will then ask for precise information. They want to know about the specifics of the crash as well as the medical treatment. Sometimes, they want to determine liability for the truck accident.

Once the claimant is done with medical treatment, the lawyer will gather all medical records and bills. The lawyer then puts together a demand package and sends it off to the insurance company with the goal of settling the case. At some point, they make an offer, the lawyer negotiates and tries to get as much compensation as they can. The offer is discussed with the claimant, and they give authority to accept or not. If the offer is accepted, the lawyer moves forward with settlement and deals with any medical liens.

In dealing with those medical liens, the settlement will most likely not be large enough to pay 100% of the medical bills. The lawyer will negotiate with the lienholders to discharge the remaining balance so they cannot come after the claimant on the backend. The next step is to have the settlement check ready for the claimant. If the settlement offer is not sufficient, the lawyer could then file a lawsuit and take the case to court.

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