The Firm’s Approach to Chicago Slip and Fall Cases

When someone is looking for a law firm to help them with their Chicago slip and fall case, they should find a law firm that is willing to fight for them and has the resources to develop their case to get the best legal outcome. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should reach out to an attorney today. An experienced slip and fall lawyer from our firm could help you recover the damages that you deserve. Call us today to learn more about the firm’s approach to Chicago slip and fall cases.

Steps a Lawyer Takes to Help a Claimant

An attorney could help an injured party by collecting and preserving crucial evidence following a slip and fall. The evidence used in these cases includes witness statements, video surveillance, and photos. A lawyer could also subpoena documents to gather the information they need in a slip and fall case. After gathering evidence, the attorney could help with establishing negligence. They will help the injured individual with their case from the moment they are hired to when they settle their case or a jury awards money on their behalf. The firm’s approach to Chicago slip and fall cases is to help the claimant recover the damages they deserve.

Protecting Claimants From Insurance Companies

An accomplished attorney will work throughout the case to help the injured person get the best possible result. If someone does not have an attorney, they should remember that the claims adjustor for the insurance company does not represent their interests. Their goal is to keep costs as low as possible for the insurance company. The goal of the slip and fall lawyer is to get the best settlement for the injured person’s claim.

Developing a Strong Attorney-Client Attorney Relationship

The lawyer develops a strong attorney-client relationship in the beginning by talking to their client, listening to them, and answering their questions. They ask the client about their objectives and goals in the case and identify their concerns. The lawyer gives the client an honest assessment of the value of their case. Many clients demand a lot from their attorney, which is completely reasonable given the circumstances of their cases. The benefit of a strong relationship from the beginning is for the lawyer to be open and honest with what they think the case is worth and what the client deserves to get out of the case. Throughout the case, the lawyer keeps their client informed about the progress of the case.

Benefits of Working with a Firm

A personal injury firm has multiple departments to handle different aspects of a personal injury case. Many people work on an individual’s case and everyone is always kept up-to-date on the case.

A solo practitioner is usually just one person with one or two people helping them out. They may be juggling many cases and do not necessarily have the time to focus on a specific case and put in the hours that a larger personal injury firm with more resources could put on the case.

Our team has the resources and experience to help you recover compensation following a slip and fall case. Call us for more information about the firm’s approach to Chicago slip and fall cases.