Understanding Product Liability in Chicago

When a manufacturer produces a new product, it is generally understood that they need to ensure its safety before releasing it on the market. Otherwise, their products may pose a serious risk of causing injury or other forms of harm to consumers. Unfortunately, far too many manufacturers and producers fail to take appropriate steps to ensure consumer safety, and as a result, many new products can come with substantial injury risks.

The consequences that consumers may suffer as a result of dangerous or defective products can be substantial. As a result, product liability laws are in place to hold manufacturers accountable for the effects their products may have on consumer health. However, product liability can take a number of different forms, and the nature of the consequences arising from these different forms of product liability can vary substantially.

Categories of Product Liability

Generally speaking, all product liability cases can be grouped into three major categories. These can be understood as follows:

  • Design defects – design defects represent an underlying flaw in the design of the product itself. As a result, every instantiation of that product will be inherently flawed and pose a risk to consumers.
  • Manufacturing defects – manufacturing defects occur during the process of making a good or product. These defects may, therefore, affect only a small number of the product in question, or they may affect every version of that product.
  • Marketing defects – also known as labeling defects, these problems involve a failure on the part of the manufacturer or marketer to warn consumers about known safety issues associated with the product.

These are the general categories under which most product liability cases emerge.

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