Types of Premises Liability Cases in Chicago

There are many different types of premises liability cases in Chicago. Understanding these different types of cases could help you understand how negligence and other legal aspects could come into play in your claim. If you were injured on another’s property, reach out to a dedicated lawyer who is knowledgeable about the different types of premises liability cases in Chicago. A seasoned premises liability attorney could help you collect the compensation you deserve.

Types of Unsafe Building Conditions

The largest type of premises liability cases handled by Chicago attorneys are typically slip and fall injuries. Some of the most common locations of a premises liability case are grocery stores and other commercial retailers. If a property owner fails to clean up a spill that they should have known about, they could be held responsible for a person’s injuries following a slip and fall. There could also be hazardous defects with the structure of the building. For example, a staircase could be defected and lead to falls. A lack of handrails on each side of the staircase or absent lighting in a stairwell could be building codes that may lead to a premises liability case. While each case in Chicago may be unique, a lawyer with experience in the specific type of premises liability a plaintiff suffered from could help.

How is Liability Determined in a Premises Liability Case?

In a premises liability claim, liability depends on the perspective of the individual viewing the case. An attorney may view the facts as a whole and see if they could meet the standard of what is more reasonably true than not true for each element required of an injury case. A seasoned lawyer could investigate the situation to see if the property owner failed to upkeep their premises to the legal standards they are required to by law. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys may search for any facts that could disprove the plaintiff’s case or one of the elements of a premises liability case that might not be provable. This is why it is essential for injured individuals to reach out to an accomplished attorney who could argue against the defense’s claims.

Impact of the Visitor’s Legal Status on a Premises Liability Case

If a person is legally on the property, the owner has a duty to maintain the property in a safe working condition. It is important to know that landowners owe the highest due of care to invited guests. If the individual is a trespasser on the property, the property owner’s actions must be willful and wanton to be liable for personal injury claims.

How a Chicago Attorney Could Help

A person who has sustained injuries caused by the negligent care of another’s property is recommended to call a premises liability attorney. A seasoned lawyer could lend their knowledge of the law and their background in the different types of premises liability cases in Chicago. While an average person may not be experienced with such information, legal counsel could represent their interest against knowledgeable attorneys representing large corporations with access to various resources.